The arrowhead in the photo is a pond decoration

The arrowhead is perennial herb, which, depending on the species, can either grow completely in water or be partially submerged in it (for example, growing on the shore of a pond). Arrowhead in the photo blooms in tiny white flowers with a dark inner corner that vaguely resemble strawberry flowers. This plant has two types of leaves: underwater, similar to long thin ribbons, and above-water, shaped like arrows (in fact, this leaf shape gave the name to the plant).

In vivo arrowhead found on the banks of swamps and rivers. However, it can be easily grown in a pond located on a personal plot. This plant will be a great decoration for any artificial reservoir.

On arrowhead rhizomes small tubers that look like nuts are formedthat can be eaten. Tubers are formed on plants only in late autumn and early spring and have a very interesting taste: raw they resemble walnuts, baked ones acquire the taste of potatoes, and boiled ones - peas. In some countries, notably China, North America and even France arrowhead is cultivated and grown as a common vegetable plantusing its tubers for the preparation of many dishes and desserts (for example, wonderful creams and jelly are obtained from the flour obtained from the tubers).

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