Growing tigridia: planting, reproduction, watering

Tigridia got its name from the variegated pattern of the flower pharynx, which resembles a tiger color. This is a bulbous plant, in nature there are about 20 species.

Growing tigridia is the right choice of place, watering and care. In hot weather, watering is required.

In autumn before the onset of frost corms should be dug and transfer to a cool room, where the temperature will be 4 - 7 degrees Celsius. It is good to sprinkle the bulbs with dry sand, as they tend to dry out. They need to be handled with care and do not tolerate blows.

After the freezing retreat in May, tigridia are planted on a plot to a depth of 8-10 cm in small groups of up to 15 pieces with a distance of 20-30 cm.

Unfortunately, each flower pleases with wonderful flowering only one day... Therefore, they are planted in groups, it seems that the flowering is long.

After planting, the tigridia needs feeding nitrogen fertilizers. One square meter uses 30-40 grams of nitrogen fertilizers. When the first buds appear, they bring in nitrophosphate. During the flowering period, tigridia is watered abundantly.

Propagate tplayfulness can be done with seeds and children. The seeds ripen in October and are sown at the end of February. When 2 leaves appear, the plant is planted in a separate pot, and in the spring from the pot into the ground. It is necessary to plant without touching the root system; it is better to do this together with an earthen clod.

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