How to plant onion sets

What's a crop without onions?

Many amateur gardeners grow onions in their garden! There are many varieties of onions, but the most commonly planted are onion sets!

Any summer resident knows how to plant onion sets, but for a beginner this can be a problem!

To begin with, I'll tell you about the conditions in which the onion sets will grow faster and require less effort in care:

1. This is loose soil, and you need to loosen it at least once every two weeks, so that more air and heat come to the bulbs!

2. Be sure to make sure that there are no weeds!

3. Thorough watering is needed!

4. The place for planting onions must not be shaded! The more sun the better!

Sevok is sown in early spring, for this you need to prepare the seeds in advance. For about 5-6 days, onion seeds need to be soaked in water!

The planting must be dense enough! It is advisable to plant in rows every 10 centimeters apart. For one square meter, it is worth sowing up to 15 grams of onion sets, so it will be most comfortable for him! And if the weather is warm and there is abundant watering, then from each meter you will receive up to 2 kilograms of onions!

Have a nice harvest!

Watch the video: How to Plant Onion Sets (October 2021).