Preparing onion sets for planting. Tips for beginners

Preparing onion sets for planting begins with the fact that the seed is sorted out, dried, bare, cut, diseased, damaged, germinated specimens are removed, and also sorted by size to form more uniform seedlings.

First, the largest bulbs are planted on the garden bed, then medium ones, and the smallest ones last.

If for planting an onion set was taken from its own garden, which was stored at a temperature of about 19-22 degrees, additional heating of the planting material is not required. If the set is purchased in a store, it is recommended to warm the bulbs near the heating devices a few days before planting so that the air temperature for them is 35-40 degrees.

You can also use another method of processing: just before planting, put the seedlings in a suitable container, pour hot water for 20 minutes (water temperature 65-70 degrees), then lower them in cold for a minute. If you do not do this, the planted onion sets with a high degree of probability will go into the arrow.

The heated bulbs are soaked in such a solution: for 10 liters of water - a tablespoon of nitroammophoska, ammophoska, ROST-1, or any complex fertilizer. The bulbs in a cloth bag are immersed in this solution for about 10 hours, then, without rinsing, the bag is immersed in a solution of copper sulfate for 8-10 minutes to prevent fungal diseases (stir a teaspoon of vitriol in 10 liters of water). The seedlings treated in this way are rinsed with clean water, after which they begin to plant.

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