From what and when garden chamomiles bloom

We find out - when daisies bloom in the garden. This sunny flower is not only wild. Garden chamomile will grow if you find a sunny place for it.

Garden chamomile in care

So - garden chamomile. What conditions will she need?

  • Calcareous or neutral soils will help it develop quickly and fully;
  • The planting site needs a well-fertilized, sufficiently moisturized;
  • Do not allow stagnation of water - it can be provided with a drainage device if you know that this place is flooded;
  • Garden chamomile is very grateful if it is given organic or mineral fertilizers - the main thing is that there is an NPK complex, then the flower will bloom profusely, it is also important for the growing season;
  • In a drought, along with all other plants, chamomile awaits watering, especially if the growing season or flowering has begun;
  • Moisture in the soil can be retained if mulching is carried out - for this, grass mown on the lawn is used;
  • In the fall, the shoots are cut off.

For the winter, the root system of the flower needs to be covered. Use dry fallen leaves, as well as something from a covering material. If the option with leaves was chosen, it is advisable to immediately free the chamomile root system from the leaves in order to avoid damping off. When a covering non-woven material is used, the damping-off is somewhat reduced. When the third or fourth year comes, you need to divide the chamomile bushes. This will help prolong the splendor of flowering, as well as save the plant itself from degeneration.

Chamomile is often planted with other plants. It is combined with 1-2-3-4 plant species. Bushes will branch more if you pinch the plant as it grows. It will be possible to find out when chamomiles bloom in practice - with successful care, the flowering period is very long.

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