Sunflower root treatment

Sunflower root treatment consists primarily in proper care behind this plant. Stem the sunflower is thick, strong, does not branch, it has a loose core. Taproot sunflower goes deep into the soil by an average of three meters. Extend from him lateral roots to the sides by one meter. On one plant there are about 20-30 leaves, they are rough and pointed at the top. The inflorescence is a basket that is surrounded by a wrap of leaves from below. Outside the basket are golden flowers.

One of the diseases is coal dust... This disease is caused by mushroom... It is localized in main root and basal collar... The disease causes leaf drying, wilting and death. Sunflower root treatment includes the use of tolerant varieties, compliance with crop rotation, seed treatment with fungicides.

Sunflower root bacterial cancer manifests itself underdevelopment of the root system, the formation of growths and sagging, dying off or underdevelopment of the lateral roots. The central root is shortened to 15-20 centimeters, it thickens, deforms. On the cut of the root, one can see the browning of the tissue, corking, dying off and ruptures. Such sunflower plants stunted the stem becomes ribbed, shrinks, their internodes are shortened. The baskets are underdeveloped in the shape of a funnel with bent edges. The seeds are brownish, puny. To protect against bacterial disease, you must use resistant varieties, process seeds before sowing, and also use antibacterial drugs and complexes.

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