Horse chestnut - we grow ourselves

Do you like chestnuts? Well, in the sense not as a dish that I consider exotic, actually, but as a tree? Like? Me - very much! Horse chestnut large - this is the correct name for this common tree. When it blooms, it dresses up with large inflorescences in the form of candles, and in the fall scatters shiny, rounded fruits, dressed in a prickly shell - "hedgehogs", which children and, for some reason, elderly women love to collect.

Although, why for some reason? Chestnut - very useful plant... From the fruits of this wonderful tree, many prepare all kinds of medicines, because almost all of its parts have healing properties - bark, leaves, flowers and fruits. They contain a huge amount of nutrients. First of all, chestnut is known for its ability to help in the treatment of vascular diseases - varicose veins, hemorrhoids, thrombophlebitis and leg ulcers. It is also used in inflammatory processes and as an internal remedy and for baths.

Grow chestnut seems rather complicated, because the fruit, which contains the seed of the future plant, is strong enough and, it seems, only nature itself is capable of growing this tree. But we were somehow lucky. In the spring, during the cleaning of the local area, the children found several sprouted chestnuts in last year's foliage. The sprouts were still small, but we still decided to plant them. Moreover, they were planted not on the street, but at home - in ordinary flower pots. Surprisingly, the sprouts quickly grew and by autumn they reached 30-40 centimeters in height. For the winter, we put them in the closet, where it is colder, covering them with newspapers. To be honest, I thought that our chestnuts would not survive such an unusual winter, at least they would dry up. But March came and the pots of chestnuts again took their places on the windowsills. And the tiny trees started growing again!

So another year passed. With the onset of the second spring, at the end of April, we put our pets, which were just over half a meter in height, on the street. there they have been growing for the fifth year already, having turned into young, strong trees. This spring, we plan to plant them around the perimeter of the house, so that they would delight all passers-by.

Watch the video: Chestnut Planting Tutorial (January 2022).