Breeding strawberries at home

If you are fond of growing plants and indoor flowers, then an article on how to grow strawberries at home will be very interesting and no less useful for you. And you can always replenish your body with vitamins, and this is very important.


  • Good seedlings are the key to success
  • Where to grow strawberries?
  • Soil for home-grown strawberries

Growing strawberries at home will help you get a fresh harvest regardless of the season. Modern technologies make it possible to grow strawberries in fairly large quantities, even in a small apartment. With the right care, you can get up to four harvests a year. And caring for this tasty and healthy berry will need to be devoted up to two to three hours a day. And it is not at all difficult to cope with all the work even for one person.

Good seedlings are the key to success

It is quite clear that first of all it is necessary to purchase seedlings (berry seedlings). Of course, you can grow them yourself from seeds, but, nevertheless, planting strawberries with seedlings, you can get a harvest much faster. And when growing berries from seeds, there are some difficulties that only experienced gardeners can cope with. So, don't risk it.

When choosing seedlings, preference should be given to remontant varieties, which bear fruit in the first year. You can purchase several varieties at once and plant them separately. The thing is that different varieties of strawberries ripen at different times.

Thus, you can harvest gradually as the berries ripen. Moreover, it will be a very good experience: you will know the ripening time of each strawberry variety. Currently, there are a lot of remontant species, but we can recommend a few especially popular ones: Miracle of the World, Seascape, World Debut, Elizabeth I and II, Geneva, Temptation, Selva. These varieties will indeed yield a good harvest in the very first year of your home-grown strawberry experiments.

It is not worth buying seedlings from random people in the market. It is best to purchase quality material from a specialized store. Perhaps it will be a little more expensive, but you can rest assured that the purchased seedlings are exactly what you need, and not some others of unknown origin.

Where to grow strawberries?

You can grow strawberries both in boxes and in pots, but this requires a fairly spacious room. And if there is no such room, then the berries will easily take root in ordinary plastic bags. With this kind of cultivation, you don't need a lot of space for your hobby. Yes, and buying bags will not be difficult. Although, I must say that ordinary bags from stores are somewhat thin for strawberries. And therefore, you can make such bags yourself.

To do this, you need to buy a thick film for the greenhouse in the store, cut it into the necessary rectangles, then build something like cylinders from the rectangles, solder these cylinders from the side and bottom. All! The harvest bags are ready!

These containers are placed on the floor or suspended from supports. You can put or hang 2-3 such bags per square meter. After the pouches have been filled with special growing soil, the seedlings are incised after about 20-25 cm in a checkerboard pattern.

Soil for home-grown strawberries

In order to get a good harvest, the soil in which the berry will grow is equally important. The substrate for strawberries should consist of peat, soil and fertilizer. You can buy this kind of soil in the store, but you can also prepare it yourself.

If you chose the second option and decided to take land for strawberries from your summer cottages, then you need to be careful that tomatoes, strawberries, potatoes or raspberries do not grow on this soil earlier. Otherwise, there is a risk that young strawberries can become infected with diseases typical of the above plants.

Better to let it be the land, rested for three years, and the risks of diseases will be much less. Better yet, take sod land, which contains enough organic matter, add sand, sawdust and humus to it. Everything is taken in approximately equal proportions.

But mineral fertilizers can be applied as written on the packaging in which this fertilizer is directly sold. As such a fertilizer, the well-known superphosphate can well be used.

Growing strawberries does not constitute any unthinkable work, and therefore it is definitely worth trying such an interesting business. After reading more about leaving, you will surely cope with everything, and you will be able to feast on this tasty and healthy berry at any time of the year.

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