How hector cucumbers differ

Than cucumber hector are known? It is an excellent variety for canning. It is an annual vegetable that is sprouted and planted every year. He is appreciated for the fact that he is early maturing, or rather, he is called super early.

Hector variety is also called Hektor... The variety has the following features:

  • Flowering type - female;
  • The scale is compact;
  • Abundant fruiting;
  • Can grow under thickening conditions;
  • Successfully relates to mechanical harvesting;
  • Fruits are static - uniform, white-thorny, cylindrical, large-lumpy;
  • About 10 cm long, about 3 cm in diameter;
  • The variety does not turn yellow, retains a dark green color;
  • The thickness of the flesh correlates well with the seed chamber;
  • The pulp is dense with good taste;
  • For 1 sq. m. you can get 3.94 kg. fruits;
  • Fights powdery mildew, cucumber mosaic on its own;
  • Good indicators of transportability and wear;
  • Resistant to viral diseases;
  • May tolerate a temporary drop in temperature.

The variety is recommended for planting in an open type of soil, that is, for planting in garden areas. A well-lit area is desirable. It is recommended to sow one copy in each container. Seeds are sown depending on the severity of the soil, on average about 2 cm deep. It is important to take into account that the cucumber crop in any case requires good watering, and it is advisable to harvest the crop in a timely manner. Such are the descriptions of hector cucumbers.

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