Planting potatoes with a motor cultivator

In our country, people have long revered potatoes as "second bread" and to this day many families grow it, providing for their family for the long winter, regardless of whether they live in a city or a village. The selected potatoes are left in the sun to germinate.

Growing potatoes is a laborious process, so they try to mechanize it. Those who own large enough plots of land are increasingly buying motor cultivators. These are light earthmoving machines. Planting potatoes with a motor-cultivator begins with deep loosening of the soil and the simultaneous formation of a planting furrow. It should be done when the temperature of the soil at a depth of 9-10 cm reaches 7-8 degrees. You should try to make the furrows even, keeping the distance between them 50-60 cm, so that later, when loosening the row spacings, you do not damage the future harvest.

Then the tubers are manually placed in the furrows, at a distance of 30-50 cm from each other. Then they again walk across the field with a motor cultivator to bury the potatoes in the furrows. Planting potatoes with a motorized cultivator not only takes less time and effort, but also contributes to obtaining good yields, since a motorized cultivator loosens the soil much better than a shovel. Moreover, a motor-cultivator will help weed, loosen and huddle potatoes. You only have to harvest the crop manually.

Watch the video: Potato Planting with a Tractor (December 2021).