Batun onion. We grow in the garden

If you are an amateur green young onions, then the batun onion will take its rightful place in your garden, and the high content in its young leaves vitamins (C - 2 times more than leek, A, B1, PP, B2), salts of magnesium, iron, potassium will bring great benefits to the body.
As for the cultivation of this crop - nothing special, nothing complicated, since the plant is quite unpretentious and tolerates low temperatures well (up to 8 degrees below zero).

In the first year batun will delight you with a large number of tender and juicy feathers (which grow especially tasty on well-fertilized, light soils with sufficient watering), and on second year you can already collect seeds (and happily share them with your neighbors). They are, by the way, a little smaller than that of a regular bow, so they easily crumble.

Batun onion from seeds. Helpful tips for care and growing

  • Lighting. The garden bed should be in a shaded area where the snow melts quickly in spring.
  • Sowing. It is better to process and soak the seeds before planting. Sow - when the soil allows (starting in early March).
  • Watering. Watering is necessary once a week (during drought, the feathers become gray and dry).
  • Sowing depth - 2 cm.
  • The main points of care remain regular watering, loosening of row spacings.
  • At one place the culture can grow up to 6 years old.

Helpful advice: onions are advised to be sown in the soil after tomatoes, cabbage, beans, peas, but in no case after garlic, onions, cucumbers and carrots.
The most popular varieties: Saladny 35, Maisky 7, April 12, Gribovsky 21.

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