Growing basil at home: general recommendations

Basil came to our table from tropical countries and fell in love with many of our compatriots. This small lush bush with green or purple leaves is not at all difficult to grow, you just need to follow a few rules.

The easiest way to grow basil at home is to start with a scion. The leaf can be cut from the top or middle of the stem. Basil takes root very easily, it is enough to put the leaf in water for 5-6 days, after which the shoots are planted in the soil for seedlings. After two weeks, young plants can already be transplanted to a permanent place.

General guidelines for growing basil at home:

  1. basil should grow in wide and spacious pots;
  2. seeds or shoots can be planted immediately in open ground, but then the basil will develop much longer;
  3. when 5-6 leaves appear on the bush, the top must be pinched off so that the plant grows in width;
  4. basil should be watered every 4 days, in the morning;
  5. basil needs sun, so the pots must be on the sunny side of the room.

Growing basil at home is a simple procedure, but how nice it is to enjoy the taste of fresh herbs by cutting the leaves straight from the "garden"!

Watch the video: 30 Day Basil Time Lapse (January 2022).