Growing peppermint in the garden and at home

Mint is familiar to each of us. This is a perennial plant with a pleasant fresh unique stock, which is actively used in medicine, cooking and perfumery.

Growing peppermint is not difficult, this plant is completely unpretentious and non-capricious.

Seat selection

The best option is a plot of land on which vegetables were previously grown, under which the land was fertilized with manure. In one place, mint is grown for no more than 3 years.

Planting mint

Most often, mint is planted by cuttings, since mint planted with rhizomes is damaged by pests and diseases. Reproduction is also possible with the help of seeds, seedlings, dividing the bush or layering. Mint is planted in late April - early May or in August before winter.

Mint care

For dry soil, watering is necessary, loosening 2-3 times over the summer. Of fertilizers, he prefers manure, compost and nitrogen-phosphorus fertilizers.

Growing peppermint is also possible at home.

Cuttings with two or three buds or shoots with roots are planted in pots with a diameter of 10-12 cm. Previously, drainage is placed on the bottom of each pot, and the soil is made from garden soil and humus. Good growth requires sunlight, regular watering and occasional spraying of the plant.

Watch the video: mint germination time lapse. hierbabuena (November 2021).