Benefits of basil

The beneficial properties of basil have been known for a very long time. No wonder they love to add it to food and use it for treatment.

Basil contains essential oil, which has a pronounced antiseptic effect, restores breathing and helps the heart. Basil also owes to essential oil its pronounced taste and aroma.

The beneficial properties of basil simply cannot be counted!

Let's talk about them in more detail.

Basil is very effective for colds and fever. Its antiseptic action helps kill bacteria, viruses and fungi that cause these symptoms.

For bronchitis, asthma and lung diseases, basil will also be a good helper. Contained in it camphene, vitamin C, evengol and cineole act as antibiotics, facilitate breathing, relieve inflammation and help fight the cause of the disease.

Essential oils, Evengol and antioxidants protect the cardiovascular system from free radicals and lower cholesterol levels.

Basil also helps with stress. It contains the above substances to calm the nerves and lower blood pressure.

If you want to freshen your breath, just chew the basil leaves, which freshens the oral cavity, disinfects it, and also helps to heal cracks and sores on the mucous membrane. It is even chewed to contain the development of cancer from tobacco chewing.

The benefits of basil extend to teeth as well. It helps strengthen the gums and kills bacteria that cause tooth decay and gum disease. However, basil contains trace amounts of mercury compounds, so if you want to use it regularly, it is better not to chew it all the time, but drink a decoction from its leaves.

Basil can also help kidney stone sufferers. The oxalic acid contained in it dissolves stones, and its mild diuretic effect will help to remove them. In addition, basil has a mild pain relieving effect that will facilitate this process.

Also, its analgesic effect will help with various kinds of headaches.

For conjunctivitis and eye infections, washing with basil decoction is used, which will help to quickly cope with the ailment.

One cannot but mention such beneficial properties of basil as strengthening the immune system and protecting against premature aging caused by the action of free radicals. It also protects well from radiation, helps to recover from surgery, inhibits the growth of tumor cells, reduces pain during labor pains, treats urinary infections, mumps, whooping cough ...

As you can see, basil is just a whole pharmacy in just one plant. It will not be difficult to grow it on a garden bed or windowsill and eat it as often as possible. Remember, if food is not medicine, medicine will soon be your food!

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