How to grow a coffee tree at home

When you talk about the coffee tree, a huge number of people imagine a plantation in a tropical area.

But everyone can plant this plant, for this you should know how to grow a coffee tree at home. This does not require huge efforts.


  • Tree care rules
  • Transplanting a coffee tree
  • Major diseases

Tree care rules

Best suited for growing at home Arabica beans. If you adhere to all the rules, the plant will grow tall, reaching 1.5 m.

The coffee tree does not need much maintenance, but growing from cuttings or seeds is considered the most difficult period.

It will take up to 2 months for the seeds to show their sprout. Before planting them in the soil, you should soak them and wait 3 hours.

After that, the skin should be removed. Next, the seeds are washed with a solution of potassium permanganate. The soil should be soddy and leafy.

You can improve it by adding river sand. The round side of the seed should face upward when it is planted in the ground.

The pot should be in a dark, cool place. The soil should be moistened all the time, but you should not flood the plant either.

It is recommended to get a small spatula, which should be systematically loosened the earth. The pot needs to be covered with foil or glass.

There are situations when the sprout has not yet appeared, but the root is developing well. In such a situation, gardeners recommend reducing the size of the pot.

But it will be possible to see the long-awaited sprout after 2 months. When the plant begins to develop vigorously, then it needs to be transplanted. After that, you need to properly care for him.

Compared to a variety of plants, the coffee tree can be considered unpretentious. The main thing is to provide him with certain conditions for existence. This applies to such points as:

  • lighting
  • temperature
  • watering
  • feeding

If the conditions are right, the plant will ripen properly and produce a harvest later.

The coffee tree loves bright light, but it should be scattered, not directed at it. The plant will die if the sun shines on it for a long period, especially in the summer.

It is best to place the pot in the west or southeast. Do not force the space near the tree with other indoor flowers, since in this case it will not have enough light.

Other plants should be placed half a meter from the coffee tree. This plant loves warmth. In a cold place, it will develop slowly, or it may even die altogether.

Therefore, you should pay special attention to it in the winter. Even if severe frosts appear on the street, you need to ensure that the temperature at home is above 17 degrees.

The coffee tree feels best at 20 degrees. Do not water the plant with cold water, this will adversely affect its condition. It should be warm.

It is dangerous for a tree if the room is not ventilated. But you need to make sure that there are no drafts. Otherwise, the leaves will crumble.

There are rules regarding watering. The fruitfulness and development of the plant will depend on this. The coffee tree does not tolerate overdrying, but it cannot grow normally in constantly wet soil.

During the year, the plant stays in 2 periods. At first, he actively develops, and then sleeps. The first period falls on March-October.

This is when the tree should be watered abundantly. In this case, the water must be settled. When the plant is dormant, then it needs to be watered less often when the top ball of soil dries out.

There are some features of feeding. In the summer, it should be increased. It should happen every 10 days. This will require a fertilizer that does not contain calcium.

A mineral remedy is ideal for this. When the plant is at rest, then there should be no feeding.

Transplanting a coffee tree

After a while, it is required to transplant the plant for further normal development. This should be done every 3 years. March or April is ideal for this procedure.

When the coffee tree is still very young, then transplants are more frequent, so it should be done every year.

The old plant does not need to be transplanted at all. It will be enough to change the top layer of the earth.

The soil should be saturated with humus. In order not to cause yourself unnecessary problems, you can purchase a ready-made mixture. But you can start preparing it yourself, which will save finances.

The roots of the coffee tree grow strongly, penetrating deep into the ground. Therefore, you should select a suitable pot so that the plant does not suffer.

It should hold a large volume and have a normal height. At the same time, drainage should be good so that there is no excess moisture retention.

Major diseases

The tree can suffer from improper care. Excessive dryness of the air will adversely affect it. This plant can also start killing spider mites. Drafts are also dangerous.

Therefore, you should carefully ventilate the room, while monitoring the humidity. To do this, it is enough to spray the tree, pour it over. The main thing is that the water is warm.

As soon as you begin to see some changes in the tree, you should start helping him. Initially, it is imperative to remove leaves that have already been damaged.

And then you need to carry out therapeutic measures with the help of special drugs.

We must not forget that the homeland of coffee is the tropics, so the plant is not used to living in the cold. Because of this, it is recommended to monitor the temperature, otherwise the tree will die.

If the air temperature does not suit him, a black border will appear on his leaves. After which they begin to darken.

If the soil is heavily flooded, then a fungal disease can be achieved. This is due to the fact that the roots are already rotting.

In such a situation, you should immediately examine the root system. All the destinies that have suffered damage must be cut off. After that, the sections should be processed with crushed coal.

After drying, the tree is placed back in the soil. The leaves should be treated with a special soap or preparation that is designed to fight fungi.

One of the dangerous pests for this plant is the whitefly. After being hit by this pest, the leaves on the tree begin to turn white, a cobweb appears.

If such a change has been noticed, help the plant. Otherwise, the whitefly is capable of destroying it. To do this, spray the leaves with soap and water.

So, a coffee tree is easy to grow at home, the main thing is to adhere to all the rules.

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