When wild rosemary blooms

kirasmirnova Wed 06/29/2016 - 19:58

Break out of the ordinary world.

For example, in order to find a treasure and bring it to people.

Find blooming wild rosemary and show everyone its wondrous beauty.

Marsh Ledum is a rather rare plant and does not grow in all bogs.

Forests, swamps and lakes Meshchera.
Blooming wild rosemary is one of the main adornments of the Meshchera swamps in early summer.

We will go in search of the blossoming wild rosemary in the mysterious Meschera.

Let's hit the road.

We enter the forest.

A real holiday.

Wild pansies are smiling along the forest roads.

Delightful white glades with a septenary.

There are huge anthills.

The pines have bloomed.

The Polga River, before its confluence with the Rechma, bends in rings like a snake.

Impenetrable swamps and swamps.

The flowering cotton grass gives the swamps a stunning look in early summer.

You have to bypass the road and climb into the depths of the swamps.

And there is Beauty.

Light greens of young pines and birches against a background of dark heather.

Here it is - Losinoe Lake!

Beauty, greatness of Wildlife.

Dark blue and gray clouds were solemnly reflected in the huge mirror of Losiny Lake.

The damp smell was saturated with the heady scent of wild rosemary.

The shores of Losinoe Lake were simply buried in the bushes of blossoming wild rosemary.

In autumn, wild rosemary is a hard and leathery shrub.

Its leaves are like stone plates.

And there is something very desolate about it.

And suddenly this harsh, unfriendly swamp dweller blooms in lush color.

The wild rosemary flowers are surprisingly graceful.

So the journey to the magical world has ended.

Part of a fascinating journey through Meshchera.


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