DIY water mill: instructions for making

Flowing water attracts people, it can be watched endlessly. To get such pleasant feelings, a water mill is being built, it is very easy to make it with your own hands. The main thing is to take into account certain recommendations.


  • What is a water mill?
  • What are the capabilities of a water mill?
  • What is needed for construction work?
  • Step-by-step manufacturing instructions
  • Application features

What is a water mill?

Long ago, water mills were used to grind grains and make flour from them. For this, the energy of water was used. But times have changed, so such a mill is used to decorate the suburban area. This design adds charm to the site. The water mill is equipped with a wheel that rotates with the flow of water. It is installed on the shore of the reservoir.

What are the capabilities of a water mill?

The suburban area exists not only to plant a variety of vegetables and fruits on it. It is also used for recreation. For this reason, the owners are trying to decorate the territory so that it is as pleasant as possible to be on it. A water mill can be used for this. She will decorate the site, and the water that murmurs will give peace. Such a mill becomes an excellent addition to the entire territory of the dacha.

But some people use this design not only for decoration, but also for some functions. But for this there must be a natural water flow. Any body of water that is on the site will generate energy that can be used, for example, for lighting.

It should be understood that this is not a powerful source. He is not able to light up the whole house. But small lamps will glow with it at night.

What is needed for construction work?

Making a mill doesn't stop you from fantasizing. Therefore, different materials are used. The mill can be made of stone, broken brick. But for such structures, you will need to make a foundation. Many people make a wooden mill with a house. The roof is made from straw or reeds. Such a structure will harmoniously fit into the rustic design.

For construction, you can use boxes, boards, tiles that are no longer needed. It is worth varnishing the wooden material so that it is preserved for a long time.

In the house, which is being built near the mill, windows and doors are made. Initially, it is recommended to engage in model construction. To do this, it is worth deciding on the material from which the structure will be built. It is also necessary to acquire screws, a hammer, glue and other necessary tools.

Step-by-step manufacturing instructions

The construction of a water mill includes the following stages:

  • Water drop design
  • Building a house, after which it should be installed in the right place
  • Wheel start

If there is no natural flow of water, you can make it artificially. To do this, you can choose one of the options:

  1. The mill is installed under the gutter. In this case, the rotation of the wheel will occur when it is raining outside. But you don't have to wait for the right weather conditions. To make the wheel rotate, a hose with water is used, which enters the roof using a pump. As it flows through the pipe, the wheel will rotate. In the future, the water can be directed to the garden.
  2. If the site has some irregularities, then it is worth taking advantage of this. The relief is used to make the falling stream. On a hill, a container deepens into the ground, which will be filled with water. A mill is being installed near such a container.
  3. If the territory is flat, then you can start creating an alpine slide. This will require earth and cobblestone. A water hose is installed in the middle of such a building, which will create a stream of water.

For construction, you need to get a pump that has sufficient power to pump water out of the reservoir. This also takes into account the distance from the mill to the water source. When a water drop is created, then you can start building the structure itself. The mill has a simple design. To do this, you need a house where a water pump and a wheel that moves with the help of water are hidden. But many people do without a house. They are limited to a simple design.

To create a wheel for construction, the following methods are used:

  • For the construction, they take a regular wheel from an old bicycle.
  • The spool is used, which is designed for winding the wire
  • The wheel is built from planks that are nailed to each other.
  • Apply part of the pipe

It does not matter what materials were taken for the construction of the structure, the following rules must be observed:

  • There must be blades
  • There must be a pipe in the center of the structure so that an axis is created around which the wheel will rotate.
  • A wheel with blades is being built
  • The parts can be attached using any convenient mechanical methods.

Two supports are constructed. On them, the axle must be fastened with a movable method. For this manipulation, bearings are used. To arrange the supports, they make a house. To do this, use a variety of materials that the owner has chosen. The house can be wooden, brick, etc.

The chute is brought to the top of the wheel. Water will flow through it. If the blades are made from wood, then it is worth covering them with varnish, which repels water. If they are made of metal, then it is worth smearing them with paint that protects against corrosion. Canals are being built so that water flows to the garden or to another place. The site is being decorated near the mill. For this, plants are planted, tiles are laid, etc.

Application features

It should not be forgotten that the mill should harmoniously fit into the summer cottage. It must match its size. If the area is small, then the mill should not be huge. The house, which is located near this structure, can be used to store a variety of things. Here you can put toys for children, garden tools.

Some people design a mill to use water flow. Spinning up, the structure allows you to receive energy. Therefore, with the help of a mill, you can illuminate the paths at the summer cottage. But the most important purpose of the structure is the decoration of the territory. It can also be used to water the garden, which is very convenient for those people who grow various crops in the beds.

So, a water mill is a great addition to your summer cottage. With its help, you can transform the territory, decorate the cottage, create a pleasant atmosphere for relaxation. It is not necessary to pay builders for the construction of such a structure. You can do it yourself.

Video on how to create a decorative water mill:

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