DIY decorative fountain: instructions for fans

After a hard day, you want to relax, feel the light coolness, listen to the soothing murmur of water in the fountain. Making a small decorative fountain with your own hands will not be difficult.


  • Decorative fountain: description and varieties
  • What you need to work
  • Step-by-step instructions for building a stone fountain
  • Fountain from an old tire: stages of work
  • Fountain decoration

Decorative fountain: description and varieties

A fountain is a hydraulic structure where water is pumped upward or sideways by means of a pump. Taking into account how the water flow moves, the following types of fountains are distinguished:

  • Geyser. Under pressure, water is thrown upward or at an angle. In this case, the height can be varied.
  • Cascade. To create such a fountain, you will need flat stones. Water flowing down them will create the illusion of a stepped waterfall.
  • Bell. Such a device looks like a pipe and has two discs at the end. As a result, when water falls from the discs, a hemisphere is formed.

There are more complex designs in which several varieties are combined, for example, cascading and geyser ones. Fountain pumps are submersible and stationary. The first type is installed on the bottom of the reservoir and it seems as if water is erupting from the ground. A surface or stationary fountain is made in the form of any figure.

Place to place the fountain

The location for the fountain should be chosen taking into account the appearance of the site. It is also necessary to take into account the slope of the ground. It is recommended to locate the fountain in a low-lying area. It is undesirable to place a hydraulic structure in open areas, since the sun's rays can lead to "blooming" of water.

It is also undesirable to place a fountain near trees, because fallen leaves, fluff, seeds, fruits will clog the structure, and a powerful root system can deform the bowl. It is not recommended to place the fountain near the house, as the wind can transfer moisture to the walls of the building. It is important that the decorative fountain is visible from all sides.

What you need to work

To build a stone fountain, you will need the following materials:

  • Sand and gravel
  • Fountain container
  • Film
  • Pump
  • Stones
  • Decorative elements
  • PVC pipe
  • water pump

If you plan to build a fountain from a tire, then you need to prepare:

  • Tire
  • Cement mixture
  • Metal posts
  • Waterproofing mastic
  • Reinforcement rods

From the tools you need to prepare electrical tape, a hand saw, a drill, a hammer, an adjustable wrench, scissors, a building level. For a fountain, it is better to use a submersible pump. When choosing a pump, it must be remembered that the power must be commensurate with the pipe diameter. Power is selected depending on the diameter of the bowl: the larger the container, the more power you need to choose the pump.

Step-by-step instructions for building a stone fountain

The construction of the fountain consists of several stages. Pit preparation. Dig a trench more than 5 cm deep than the height of the container. At this stage, you need to make a small groove up to the outlet. Then cover the gravel with a layer of about 5 cm. Installing the container and pump. Next, place the container and PVC pipe. These elements need to be connected. After that, fill the ditch with earth. Then install the pump in the container for the fountain.

It is necessary to mark and make outlets. Next, connect the container with a copper pipe, pour gravel on the bottom and fix the pump. Install the pump so that it can be reached for preventive maintenance.

Strengthening the fountain. Place boards and slats on the installed bowl. Stacking stones. At the final stage, lay flat stones on top of each other and mark the places for the hole. Further, stones are strung into the holes made on a copper pipe. If there are gaps between large stones, then you can fill the gaps with small stones.

Then fill the bowl with water, connect the pump and adjust the pressure. The fountain is now ready for use. The finished structure should resemble a children's pyramid. The water that will be supplied by the pump flows freely over the stones back into the bowl. This creates a unique effect and resembles a mountain stream.

Fountain from an old tire: stages of work

On the site of a country house, for the construction of a fountain, you can use materials at hand: a tire from a tractor, an old bath, etc.

Step-by-step instructions for making a tire fountain:

  1. Pit preparation. Taking into account the size of the tire, you need to dig a shallow pit. Next, fill in the gravel-sand mixture, and pour a cement mixture with a height of about 10 cm from above. This must be done carefully, checking the horizontalness with a building level.
  2. Tire installation. After the foundation has frozen, install the tire on the base. Previously, the upper part on one side needs to be cut a little. The joint between the foundation and the tire must be poured with a thin layer of waterproofing mastic in the center.
  3. Fixing the tire. To fix the tire, it is necessary to make a formwork around it, lay the reinforcement and pour the cement mixture. Installation of the pump. Install a pump in the middle of the structure in the middle of the future fountain. Can be used with a nozzle to spray water.

At the final stage, decorate the fountain with natural stones or use other materials. Using the same technology, the installation of a fountain from a bath is carried out. Everyone can make a small fountain in a summer cottage, the main thing is to follow the instructions, and you can decorate at your own will.

Fountain decoration

When all the stages of work on the device of the fountain are completed, you can start decorating. Various objects can be used as decor: sculptures, stones, aquatic plants. The backlight will look original. It will transform the fountain and create a whimsical and magical effect.

The backlight can be masked at the bottom of the reservoir and at dusk a peculiar effect of water glow will be observed. For this purpose, you can use underwater lighting devices and various floating lamps.

Installation of lighting can be done around the perimeter of the bowl or accentuate the main attractive object of the fountain. The life of a fountain can be extended if it is properly maintained. With the onset of cold weather, the removable elements must be dismantled, the water from the bowl must be drained, and it itself must be covered with a film to protect it from dust, precipitation, dirt. Near the fountain at the summer cottage, you can equip a gazebo and decorate with flowers. A cozy corner can be made from old armchairs, benches, etc.

Video on how to make a decorative fountain:

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