Cucumbers prestige: advantages and disadvantages of the variety, cultivation on the site

Cucumbers are a vegetable crop that is found in almost every garden plot. It is worth noting that you can grow cucumbers both outdoors and indoors, there are even balcony varieties.

Among them there are very early ripening, yielding a harvest 40 days after germination, and there are also late ones, ripening in the fall, when the time comes for harvesting for the winter. There are gherkins with graceful miniature fruits of several cm, and there are long-fruited giants up to 0.5 - 0.6 m long. Currently, there are many attractive hybrids for cultivation, for example, the cucumber prestige. We will try to understand its advantages and disadvantages.


  • Description of Prestige cucumbers, pros and cons
  • Where and how to plant Prestige cucumbers
  • Cucumber care "Prestige"

Description of Prestige cucumbers, pros and cons

Cucumbers "Prestige" are a hybrid of F1 mid-early ripening. After emergence, these cucumbers can be harvested after 45-52 days. Their fruits are of the gherkin type. Their length never exceeds 8 - 10 cm. Even if the crop is not harvested on time, the cucumbers are unlikely to outgrow the indicated sizes. This is a very big plus for those gardeners who do not have the opportunity to harvest every 2 to 3 days. Cucumbers "Prestige" are a real find for those who work and can come to their site every 10 - 14 days.

The next undoubted advantage is its taste. Cucumbers grow completely without bitterness, the flesh is crunchy, does not contain coarse seeds, with a bright cucumber aroma. The fruits can be classified as multi-purpose cucumbers. It is pleasant to eat them fresh, to use them in salads, in home preservation. Moreover, if they have not outgrown the standard size of 7 - 8 cm, then they are marinated in jars.

If fruits are collected 9-10 cm long, then these are excellent pickling cucumbers. For those who are ready to grow cucumbers for sale, prestige cucumbers can also be recommended. This is due to the excellent appearance of the fruit.

They are rich, dark green in color, with moderately pronounced thorny tubercles and lightened white tips, the weight of the cucumbers is 65 - 85 g, 94% of the harvested cucumbers have an excellent presentation. As an advantage, a very good yield should be noted. Up to 19 kg of cucumbers can be harvested from one square meter, and with improved agricultural technology, all 25 kg per square meter. m. The first cucumbers appear very amicably, and in the future, an extended period of fruiting makes it possible to have fresh products for a long period of time.

Since 2007, the hybrid has been recommended for the West Siberian, Central Black Earth regions and the Altai Territory. Bushes of medium size, indeterminate, with a female flowering type, with the formation of ovaries in bunches. The variety is resistant to diseases and adverse weather conditions. Significant disadvantages of prestige cucumbers have not been identified, the only thing that can be noted is the need to wash young cucumbers with a brush before eating in order to remove sufficiently thorny thorns.

Where and how to plant Prestige cucumbers

Preparing the garden for growing cucumbers

In the spring, as soon as the earth leaves for one and a half bayonets of a shovel, you need to dig up a garden bed for cucumbers. It is better to choose a place where they grew up:

  • tomato
  • peppers
  • all types of cabbage
  • salad
  • turnip

The minimum digging depth is a shovel bayonet. Before starting digging, you need to mark the garden bed. Its length can be arbitrary, but you should not measure more than 1.0 m in width.It is advisable to raise the bed by 15 - 20 cm above the ground. Since cucumbers are a thermophilic culture, you can cover the dug-up bed with a film, under which it should stand for 10 days and warm up well. It is good to plant cucumber seedlings in such a bed.

Planting cucumber seedlings

Around the end of the first decade of April, you can plant prestige cucumbers for seedlings. Do not sow seeds in a common box. For cucumber seedlings, you need to take individual pots. Seedlings appear quickly, no later than 5 - 6 days. As a rule, by the third decade of May, the weather is favorable for planting seedlings in the ground. By this time, the seedlings already have 5 - 6 true leaves. In the garden, at a distance of about 30 cm, holes are made, where the seedlings are simply transferred along with the earth from the seedling pot. The hole is covered with soil and spilled well with water.

Sowing seeds in the ground

In the prepared bed, a furrow is made with a depth of 3 cm.If sowing occurs before May 15, then it is better to plant cucumbers with dry seeds in dry grooves. Spread the seeds at a distance of 30 cm and cover with soil. If sowing occurs in the second half of May - early June, then the cucumber seeds need to be soaked in water for 7 - 8 hours in advance, and the groove itself should be well spilled with water before placing the seeds in it. After that, the grooves are also covered with soil. Top with black pepper powder. Until the seedlings appear, the bed is not touched.

Cucumber care "Prestige"

First of all, cucumbers need to be weeded and watered regularly. Weeding can be combined with loosening the soil. Watering is carried out in the evening. Water temperature for irrigation + 18 degrees. Starting from 21 days after germination, you need to dilute mineral or organic fertilizers and feed the cucumbers at intervals of seven days.

For this, "Agricola - 5", "Effekton - O" are suitable. It is worth noting such a technique when growing cucumbers, as planting curtain crops. Most often they take corn, sunflower for this.

They should be planted a couple of weeks before the cucumbers. They will provide them with the necessary protection from the bright sun. Even if the year turns out to be unfavorable, then by planting a hybrid of Prestige cucumbers, you can be sure of a good harvest of this popular crop.

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