Growing onions Slime: tips and tricks

Slime onion is a perennial plant of the onion family, which got its name from the mucus released when the leaf breaks. In food, you can use both the bulb itself and the leaves of the plant, which are rich in iron.

Growing slime onions must begin with fertilizing and moistening the soil, otherwise there is a risk of getting bitter and unpleasant-tasting greens. It is recommended to plant this plant in May or in the middle of summer.

The grooves are located at a distance of 15.0 cm from each other. The depth of planting seeds is not more than 1.5 cm. After the appearance of the first leaves, the seedlings should be transplanted. It should be borne in mind that the distance between the rows should be about 40.0 cm, and between the bushes - 20.0 cm.

After cutting the leaves, the plant, like other greens, needs feeding. Organic fertilizers are the best option. In the main care, the cultivation of Slime onions does not imply any difficulties - this is watering, loosening the soil, clearing weeds. In addition, this type of onion is quite resistant to pests and diseases.

It is best to start cutting the leaves from the second year of the plant's life. However, they should not be allowed to grow more than 30.0 cm, otherwise they will be rough and partially lose their taste.

Slime onions can be grown even in winter right at home. In this case, the plant should only be transplanted into a pot along with a part of the earth and placed on the windowsill.

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