Will a seed-grown mandarin bear fruit?

Mandarin is a wonderful citrus, bright in color and with a pleasant scent. Tangerines are subconsciously associated with the holiday, so when they see a tangerine tree on the window with friends, many try to grow the same on their windowsill.

The plant will undoubtedly decorate any home, give it a special atmosphere. How to do it correctly, what are the nuances of the process, and whether a tree grown from a stone at home will bear fruit, we will analyze in the article.


  • Getting ready for landing
  • Planting a mandarin
  • How to grow a tangerine that will bear fruit

Getting ready for landing

Before starting work, you need to clearly understand for yourself what goals you want to achieve: only an ornamental plant, or also tasty and fragrant fruits. What's more, their seed tree grows long enough. Another interesting piece of news: from a seed you will not get the same fruits as those from which this seed was taken.

In order for the variety to be repeated, it must be propagated by cuttings or grafting. Tangerine cultivation at home begins with the selection of seeds. It is better not to take the tangerine seeds that you ate, they often get sick and often do not germinate at all. It is better to pay attention to the samples that are sold in the store.

They are already treated with a special solution, and are less prone to disease. It is recommended to plant at least 5 seeds in a pot, as they often do not germinate. And if you are going to additionally plant a tree, then there should be at least 10 of them.

Important stages of planting

There are several important points you need to know in order to grow a tangerine:
Soil preparation. Mandarin does not like sour soil, so there should be no peat in the pot. Therefore, when buying, please note that the packaging has a neutral ph mark.

It's best to do it yourself. To do this, take two parts of humus, the same amount of soil from the forest, and one part of sand. Find the right pot. For this purpose, even an ordinary plastic cup is suitable, at the bottom of which several holes are made for drainage. Only after carrying out such manipulations can you start planting.

Planting a mandarin

Planting a tangerine at home consists of the following stages:

  1. The sooner the seeds get into the soil, the higher the chance that they will germinate. Therefore, when you eat a tangerine, dry it for a day, and plant it immediately. In this case, the depth of the fossa should be about 4 cm.
  2. The germination period cannot be accurately determined. In some cases, this will take two weeks, and sometimes a month.
  3. The air temperature should not exceed 25 degrees, but not fall below 20 degrees. At the same time, carefully monitor the level of soil moisture.
  4. As soon as the first four leaves appear on the seedlings, they need to be seated, each in a separate glass.
  5. If done correctly, the tangerine will grow strong and healthy.

How to grow a tangerine that will bear fruit

In the wild, a young tangerine gives its first fruits for 4-5 years. But, such fruits are not tasty and small, they are practically not eaten. In order to get sweet tangerines at home, it is recommended to be vaccinated. It is best to do it at a time when the juice begins to move in the plant: early May and late August. For the rest, there is no point in such manipulations.

To inoculate a tangerine tree, you will need:

  • A plant that you have grown from a bone, with a trunk diameter of no more than 6 cm, it is better to graft a bud from another tree at this particular growth period
  • A stalk that has been pinched off from a fruiting plant
  • Garden var
  • Elastic band
  • Special grafting knife

On the plant you have grown, you need to make a T-shaped incision at a height of 10 cm. The incision height is 3-4 cm, and the width is 1 cm. The stalk from a fruiting mandarin is also prepared: cuttings and leaves are removed. The bud is carefully trimmed, with a small amount of wood, and inserted into the incision. After such manipulations, everything must be tightly secured with tape.

It is also recommended to place the tangerine in a greenhouse to create optimal growth conditions. Whether the budding has taken root or not, it will become clear only in a month. Therefore, experienced gardeners recommend doing several splints at once, so that at least one will definitely take root.

As soon as it became clear that the bud has taken root well, the plant can be taken out of the greenhouse, and gradually taught to live in normal conditions. After another month, if the sprout develops normally, the winding is carefully removed. When the shoot takes root perfectly, an incision is made a little higher than it, into which it is covered with garden pitch.

After carrying out such manipulations, you can get an excellent harvest even from a tangerine planted at home. Just be patient, and very soon, bright, juicy and tasty fruits will appear on your homemade tangerine. The main thing in achieving the result is not to leave everything to chance. You need to take care of the plant, follow simple rules, observe the temperature regime and humidity.

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