Shrub rose in a pot: growing and care at home

The popularity of spray roses for home growing is growing every day. The shrub rose is an ideal ornamental plant to add to the home collection of violets, azaleas and balsam.

Despite the fact that amateur gardeners have practically no complaints about the garden bush rose, at home such a simple but incredibly beautiful plant behaves a little differently. In this case, it will be inappropriate to use your knowledge in caring for a garden rose - only a number of requirements in home and garden cultivation will coincide.


  • What you should know about home bush rose
  • What should be discarded when caring for a home rose?
  • In what season to plant, how to choose the soil and prepare for planting?
  • Cultivation and plant care activities

What you should know about home bush rose

Optimal temperature, lighting and watering

Like any other light-loving plant, a flower pot with a rose should be placed on the south side by the window. It will be quite wonderful if the plant gets not only access to the sun's rays, but also to fresh air.

Low temperatures will kill the plant. Therefore, if the glass unit is thin enough, and the windows are not, no, but covered with frost, during the winter season, you should transfer the flower inhabitant to another window or to a curbstone near it. Fresh, nutritious soil is the key to a healthy flowering plant.

Transplanting a plant from one pot to another is not worth it. Unless in an urgent need. In order not to disturb the rose once again, you should initially choose a roomy pot or a wide container.

Systematic feeding. The event should be carried out no more than once every 5-7 days. During the flowering period, you may need to feed the plant a little more often than usual (for example, by reducing the one-time dose, but increasing the number of times a week). Vegetation of the plant (the season when the intensity of growth and development of the decorative rose is increased).

What should be discarded when caring for a home rose?

Cold water. For watering a bush rose at home, you can use only settled water at room temperature. Are there small pests? Urgently open a home first aid kit for the care of home potted flowers.

Did the rose start to wither or grow poorly during the growing season? It is worth understanding the situation - perhaps the plant is sick and cannot cope without human help.
Careless attitude to the root system of the flower (the reason may be, for example, the frequent wandering of a rose from one pot to another).

Dry air, rare watering and direct sunlight at high temperatures outside are harmful to such a flower. Rose is a noble and grateful plant to its owner. The average flowering time (depending on the variety and some factors) is from a month to six months. The average growth that domesticated roses reach is half a meter in height (excluding the root system).

In what season to plant, how to choose the soil and prepare for planting?

Before replanting a plant for permanent residence, adaptation stages should be carried out. This is necessary first of all so that the flower gets used to the surrounding atmosphere - the humidity of the room air, lighting, and other soil. If you rely on the advice on the lunar calendar, roses are transplanted for permanent residence in the fall on the growing moon.

You can speed up the adaptation period as follows - use an earthen ball, in which the root system of the flower was located when it lived in the garden. So, the likelihood of damage to the roots is significantly reduced, and the plant does not have to get used to the new, packaged soil.

Useful note: As a supplement, it is recommended to use a complex fertilizer, which is mixed in advance into the resulting overhang of three ingredients.

How to choose a bush rose pot?

The minimum diameter of the pot should not be less than the container in which the rose temporarily lived until the final transplant. The height of the walls of the pot should not be less than 7 cm. Useful note: a pot that is too deep or too large for a fragrant flower is not needed.

Preparatory stage for transplant:

  1. Rinse the prepared container for a rose - do not use detergents.
  2. Use only a brush to clean the pot.
  3. Soak a ceramic pot for several hours - you can overnight.
  4. Prepare expanded clay drainage.

If the pot was not originally provided with a drain hole, make it yourself.

Leaving immediately after planting

After a day has passed after the transplant, a new resident can be sent to the balcony (if it is warm, sunny weather outside) or to the windowsill and provide access to fresh air.

With insufficient air humidity, in addition to timely watering, it is necessary to spray rose leaves from a sprayer in order to prevent the plant from drying out or dying. It is necessary to apply fertilizers to the soil once a month. The use of mineral fertilizers will have a beneficial effect on the health of the home rose and the period of its flowering.

Cultivation and plant care activities


Rose is a thermophilic plant. Therefore, the minimum heat temperature in the room should not fall below + 150C. Depending on the variety, the minimum temperature is determined with errors. Be sure to monitor the humidity of the air. For wintering roses, you must choose a place as far as possible from electrical appliances.

When and how to prune a bush rose

The time for cutting a bush rose is late autumn. A well-sharpened knife or pruner is used for trimming. The growth phase of the moon for the owner of a bush rose indoors should become a law - all the key actions for transplanting and caring for a flower are carried out during this period.

Note: If you do not prepare the rose for wintering (do not cut the bushes), the beauty may not please with the flowering next year. Reproduction of a decorative rose at home.

Spray rose propagation tips

Most home rose combs are propagated by the classic propagation method of a common garden rose - cuttings. Rooting of cuttings is carried out in the spring and summer. This is necessary so that the root system of the rose has time to get stronger.

According to experts, the best way to reproduce a rose is to separate the plant shoot along with the buds. The average size of the cutting should not exceed the 15 cm mark.

As you can see, a bush rose at home does not differ at all from the average indoor flower - what is in care, what is in reproduction, what is in a transplant. The main thing is to choose the right variety for growing. And then the garden beauty will delight her with flowering not only on the site, but also indoors.

Video on how to care for a home rose in a pot:

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