Hosta aqua moonbeam: features of crop cultivation

Hosta aqua moonbeam is a versatile ornamental plant that can be used to decorate landscape design. It is characterized not only by ease of care, but also by a rather attractive appearance.


  • Description of the plant
  • The benefits of culture
  • Growing features

Description of the plant

Hosta aqua moonbeam belongs to the category of stunted plants. The culture can reach a height of 60 centimeters. Hosta aqua moonbeam belongs to the category of perennial plants. It is characterized by a sufficiently developed root system. The root foliage is located on the petioles. It is quite large and has a different color and shape. The color can be green or bluish-gray.

The foliage is broadly ovate or narrow-lanceolate. On the peduncles there is a minimum amount of foliage.

They are quite large and can reach a height of 120 centimeters. Hosta aqua moonbeam is characterized by the presence of funnel-bell-shaped or funnel-shaped flowers. They can have a fairly diverse color:

  • White
  • Purple
  • Lilac

Flowers look very beautiful when planted alone. With their help, borders and flower beds are decorated. Hosta aqua moonbeam has an attractive appearance. That is why the plant is grown by a large number of flower growers.

The benefits of culture

Hosta aqua moonbeam is a rather versatile plant. Due to the presence of a large number of varieties, it is possible to choose the most acceptable option for a florist. The plant is unpretentious to care for, which greatly facilitates this process for the grower.

The culture is characterized by drought resistance and frost resistance, which makes it possible to grow it in various regions of our country. Hosta aqua moonbeam belongs to the category of herbaceous plants, which makes it possible to use it for decorating landscape design.

Edging the foliage of the plant with white or purple color provides its versatility. The culture blends perfectly with other plants. Growing a flower can be carried out not only in sunny places, but also in shade conditions. Hosta aqua moonbeam is a unique flower that has many benefits.

Growing features

The cultivation of Khost aqua moonbeam is carried out in pots or in the open field. This plant prefers slightly acidic soils. A culture can grow in one place for up to 20 years. It is best to plant the flower in partial shade. He does not like drafts, so culture must be protected from them without fail. If a group planting of a culture is carried out, then the distance between the flowers should be at least 60 centimeters.

When planting seedlings in the ground, it is necessary to water them several hours before the procedure. It is necessary to fill the seedlings from the pot into the hole and cover them with earth. After that, the plant is watered. When planting a plant in fertile soil, its feeding is not carried out for 3 years. To feed the plant, compost or humus is used. Fertilization is carried out in the autumn in the form of mulch.

To feed the plant twice a month, it is recommended to use liquid fertilizers. In July, fertilization of the crop must be stopped. Otherwise, she will continue to build up foliage. During the cultivation of a flower, it is necessary to ensure that the soil around it is constantly moist. That is why regular watering of Khost is carried out with aqua moonbeam.

During the procedure, it is necessary to ensure that water does not get on the foliage, as this can negatively affect its appearance. It is necessary to water the plant as the soil dries. In order to ensure a neat and attractive appearance of the plant, it is necessary to regularly remove the peduncles. This is due to the fact that after flowering the bush loses its integrity.

Loosening and weeding of the plant is carried out only in the first months after planting. Thanks to this procedure, not only weed control is carried out, but also oxygen access to the root system is provided, which will guarantee high-quality survival of the crop. After 4 years after planting the plant, it must be divided into several parts, which is explained by its excessively strong growth.

For this purpose, a plant is dug up and young cuttings are separated from it. Hosta aqua moonbeam is a versatile plant that is used for growing outdoors. The flower is characterized by the presence of several methods of reproduction, which makes it possible for the gardener to choose the most appropriate option for himself. Caring for the Khosta aqua moonbeam flower is as simple as possible and consists in watering, fertilizing and loosening the soil. Anyone, even an inexperienced florist, can perform these actions.

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