Confidor - reviews, benefits of the drug, rules of use

Often plant breeders, flower growers and summer residents are faced with the problem of the appearance of pests in their areas. Indeed, to obtain a good harvest, you always need to make a lot of effort and it is a pity to lose the fruits of your labors due to plant diseases or the action of pests. Measures must be taken urgently, here such a universal remedy as Confidor comes to the rescue.


  1. Description and properties of the product
  2. Benefits of Confidor
  3. How does the remedy work?
  4. Instructions for use
  5. Safety engineering
  6. Can be combined with other chemicals
  7. Testimonials

Description and properties of the product

Confidor is one of the trade names for the well-known substance imidacloprid. It is an effective new generation insecticide, low-toxic for humans, with a long-term effect and a small dose of application.

Completely safe for the environment.

The active substance of "Confidor" is imidacloride 200 g / l. A huge number of garden pests, even those that are invisible at first glance, fall under its action.

They are used most often for processing vegetable crops:

  • Potatoes (fight against the Colorado potato beetle, aphids).
  • Cucumbers (from thrips, whitefly).
  • Tomatoes (from aphids, whiteflies, thrips).
  • Pepper (fight against aphids).
  • Eggplant (from aphid infestation).
  • Carrots (from a leaf flea).

For fruit trees and berries, flowers:

  • Apple tree (against various types of moths, aphids, Californian scale insects).
  • Plum (fight against leaf aphids, scale insects, moths).
  • Grapes (from leaf rollers).
  • Roses (from the invasion of aphids).
  • Peach (against scale insects, leafworms).

Benefits of Confidor

Has a large number of advantages over the drugs that were used before;

  • Small expense.
  • Long-lasting action.
  • High efficiency.
  • A wide range of processed crops.
  • Not toxic to humans.
  • Does not wash off during precipitation.
  • It penetrates into the plant both through the root and through foliage and stems.
  • It can be used even in hot times of the day.
  • In addition to targeting pests, it has anti-stress properties for plants and improves the growth of green mass.

How does the remedy work?

The action of Confidor is based on its absorption into the green part and the root system of crops, and pests, in turn, eat these poisoned branches, leaves and roots. After treatment with the product, at least 6 hours should pass, then the rain will not affect its effectiveness and the product will be completely absorbed.

For example, imidacloprid protects potato planting from the Colorado potato beetle for up to 15 days, especially during the hottest daytime hours. And for humans and animals, it is harmful only at high concentrations. The downside is its detrimental effect on some beneficial insects, such as honey bees.

Confidor is used, as a rule, once a season, sometimes repeating several more times with a large number of pests on the site. The substance is not sprayed during the ripening phase of fruits, berries and when the crop is soon harvested.

It is imperative to observe the established time after processing and eating processed vegetables and berries, at least 3 weeks must pass.

Instructions for use

They are used in several ways.

For tillage. The most effective property is possessed by the agent when applied to moist soil and as a prevention of the occurrence of harmful insects.

For spraying on plants damaged by harmful insects. For spraying, you need to know how to dilute the drug, often found under the name Confidor maxi. Take 1 ml of the substance, stir until homogeneous in 5-10 liters of water and process the desired area.

The waiting period for the maximum effect of the maxi confidor falls on 2-3 days after use, the solution is recommended to be used immediately, it cannot be stored, as it loses its properties.

The amount of water is selected depending on:

  • the size and type of plants,
  • the degree of its damage by pests,
  • weather conditions.

Spraying is done in non-rainy weather, preferably in the morning or evening without strong wind.

Safety engineering

When using chemicals, even if they are not very toxic to humans, you should always take precautions and use protective equipment.

Safety precautions when working with Confidor:

  • For contact with the agent, food containers, dishes, devices must not be used.
  • Work with an insecticide is carried out in a special protective uniform: glasses, gloves, a respirator for respiratory protection and protective clothing with long sleeves and closed legs.
  • You can not be distracted by extraneous matters during processing: eating, drinking, smoking is strictly prohibited.
  • After carrying out the work, they thoroughly wash their hands, face with soap, rinse their mouth.
  • Always store separately from food and medicines, in places protected from children and animals. Recommended storage temperature: -2 to +25 degrees.
  • Do not eat fruits, berries and fruits if less than 21 days have passed since spraying.
  • It is not allowed to get the product, its storage capacity and packaging into water bodies.

Imidacloprid belongs to the 3rd group of danger, that is, to substances moderately hazardous to humans.

If symptoms of poisoning still appear, the following actions must be taken urgently:

  • If the substance comes into contact with the skin, wash it with water or soapy water.
  • The substance that has got on the mucous membranes is washed thoroughly with running water.
  • When the drug enters the body, they do an urgent gastric lavage and take polysorbents: polysorb, smecta, coal.

Can be combined with other chemicals

Often, when carrying out preventive measures in the garden and vegetable garden, it is necessary to combine the action of several drugs at once to prevent the appearance of diseases and pests: insecticides, fungicides and pesticides. When mixing toxic substances, the concentration is left the same as indicated in the instructions.

But before using such mixtures, it is still worth checking them to identify undesirable consequences, such as: foliage burns and leaf fall. Processing is done only for a part of the plant or on one plant.

Burns appear in 3-4 days, and drying and leaf fall in 7-10 days after use.

Some agents are incompatible on a chemical and physical level. At the chemical level, substances enter into a chemical reaction with each other, and at the physical level, the action of some substances interferes or completely prevents others from acting.

Confidor belongs to a group of drugs that can be used in conjunction with many pesticides. Excluding those that contain sulfur. The substance is often combined with growth accelerators.

Use for indoor plants. This insecticide is used to protect plants:

  • In open ground conditions.
  • Indoor (greenhouses and greenhouses).
  • Indoor plants.

Flowers and ornamental plants are often affected by pests such as mealy nest. This insect is difficult to remove, since it itself hides in the soil, but with complex treatment by spraying and spilling the soil with a substance, the insect dies.

For use in floriculture for indoor plants, a mixture of confidor is prepared: 1 g per 10 l of water, and with a high concentration of insects - 1 g per 5 l. The positive factor is that the plants do not get used to the insecticide, so there is no need to alternate chemicals.


Having studied a large number of reviews about Confidor from summer residents, florists, we can conclude that the insecticide is very popular. Plant breeders appreciate the ease and ease of use for processing, note the positive effect after application within a few days, as well as the possibility of complex use and combination with other drugs.

Some summer residents consider Confidor the best chemical against aphids and the Colorado potato beetle.

Often, to obtain a good harvest, you cannot do without the use of chemicals, protecting plants from diseases and pests. And it is worth choosing such drugs that will be effective, reliable and as safe as possible for a person.

The confidor has rightfully earned the love of summer residents and gardeners, providing reliable protection of their plots and gardens.

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