Felt cherry in the photo - perfect beauty

Felt cherry in the photo looks very delicate and beautiful, especially when it is all in bloom. On a sunny day, its delicate aroma attracts many insects, which hum monotonously, creating a pleasant country atmosphere around.

Cherry advantages:

- this shrub reaches only three meters in height, so it is very convenient to collect;

- decorativeness (very beautiful in different periods, in different ways);

- stable harvest;

- high frost resistance;

- earlier fruiting (two weeks earlier than ordinary cherries).

It is advisable to plant felt cherries in early spring, to whom the buds bloom, but you can plant it in the fall, until September inclusive. Peat bogs or heavy waterlogged soil are not suitable for this cherry, but sandy loam, loamy light soils are suitable. It is advisable to plant it in a sunny place on a hill. You need to fertilize the cherry after flowering, and be sure to thin out the crown, leaving up to twelve strong shoots.

In summer, bright, tasty, juicy, round or oval fruits ripen on cherries. The color of the berries depends on the cherry variety - from pink to dark red. And the felt cherry bears fruit very abundantly, more often already in the third year and then annually. If cherries are well looked after, then up to four kg of fruit can be harvested from it.

The felt cherry in the photo shows how many fruits ripen on one branch. It should be borne in mind that the fruits are very delicate and do not tolerate transportation well; if they need to be transported, it is better to collect unripe fruits.

However, the felt cherry from the sixth year reduces the yield and gradually ceases to bear fruit by the age of twelve. Therefore, when the cherry reaches the age of seven, you need to plant its seeds in open ground, so that a new planting appears.

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