Why is tangerine peel useful, use in folk medicine and dacha farming

Mandarin is a product with excellent taste and undeniable health benefits. Its edible part is considered to be the pulp, the rind is thrown away in most cases, except that it is sometimes used as a tea flavoring agent.

And this is not at all fair, the use of mandarin peel can benefit our health, this product will help to cope with a number of cosmetic problems, it can be very popular in the garden and in the garden. Let's take a look at how the tangerine peel is useful and how it is used.


  1. What are the benefits of using mandarin peel
  2. The use of mandarin peel in the garden and in the country
  3. Composition for the treatment of indoor plants
  4. Can tangerine peel be used in the country as a fertilizer

What are the benefits of using mandarin peel

Mandarin peel contains many nutrients, just like its pulp. To use the peel for medicinal purposes, it is recommended to thoroughly wash the fruit with warm water using a brush before cleaning.

The peeled skin is laid out on a clean soft napkin and dried. You can store the product in a glass, tight-fitting container.

Healing properties

A decoction of crusts is used to treat bronchitis and tracheitis, the brewing recipe is simple:

  • 1 part of crushed dry crusts take 10 parts of boiling water
  • kept in a steam bath for 10 minutes
  • the cooled broth is filtered and taken with the addition of honey

A stronger expectorant is prepared by brewing a mixture of tangerine peels with licorice root, improving the taste of the drink with a spoonful of May honey and a few drops of freshly squeezed lemon juice.

Traditional healers suggest using the juice of ground together with the tangerine peel to treat fungal infections of the feet and nails; it will need to be applied several times a day to the affected skin areas.

Reception of the same juice is recommended as prevention of flu and colds in the winter. It is effective in treating bronchitis because promotes the active discharge of viscous mucus.

Diabetics are advised to drink a decoction of mandarin peel to lower blood glucose.

Prepare it as follows:

  • the peel from three fruits is brewed for 8-10 minutes in a liter of water
  • after cooling, they are sent to the refrigerator
  • daily strain and consume 100 ml of broth

For cosmetic purposes

Fruit rind and juice are used to improve dry skin. For other skin types, products with tangerine peels are used as tonics.

It is useful to wipe the skin of the face with ice cubes from the decoction of the crusts - the procedure gives the effect of rejuvenation.

Powdered fruit peels are recommended to be added to hair and skin masks.

The use of mandarin peel in the garden and in the country

Citrus cleanings are very successfully used by summer residents to scare away cats. It has been noticed that, scattered in the flower beds, they exude a pleasant aroma for humans, but absolutely unacceptable for cats.

Crusts in flower pots, near garden vases and under a rug on the porch will definitely protect them from the encroachments of cats, animals no longer want to mark places with an incomprehensible smell.

Spider mite remedy

Tangerine peel is also used to spray plants from pests. An environmentally friendly insecticide is prepared from a decoction of fresh peels. For a liter of water, you need two peels of fruits

It is crushed, poured with hot water and left to infuse for a week in a cold basement or refrigerator. Further, the mixture is strained, a little liquid soap is added to it.

Such a solution can be used to treat spider mites. It is advisable to spray the plants no more than once a week. In general, the procedure is repeated many times.

Fighting ants

The smell of citrus is poorly tolerated by ants. Therefore, it is recommended to lay out mashed potatoes made from fresh crusts and water in places of their special accumulation.

Of course, it will not be possible to completely displace the ants from the site in this way, but at least they will leave their places of deployment, for example, your favorite veranda or gazebo.

Composition for the treatment of indoor plants

To treat indoor plants from all types of mites, you can prepare the following mixture:

  • 200 g mandarin peels
  • 1 liter of water
  • insist 5 days in a cool dark place

Then the solution is filtered, half is measured, diluted with 2 liters of clean water and a teaspoon of grated laundry soap.

Each leaf can be washed with a solution, it can be sprayed from a spray bottle. Aphids and ticks die from such treatment.

Can tangerine peel be used in the country as a fertilizer

On this issue, you can read quite different opinions, they summer residents fear that too high a concentration of phytoncides and essential oils can harm the plants and burn them. Others argue that there will be no harm to vegetables, on the contrary, the sharp aroma of the peels scares off pests such as the Colorado potato beetle and wireworm.

Lay dry crusts directly into the holes when planting potatoes or in rows when sowing carrots.

Also, the accumulated crusts can be added to the compost heap, you should not be afraid that their presence will slow down the conversion of waste into compost, in fact, they do not accumulate so much over the season.

We have considered far from all the options for using tangerine peels, but it is not at all difficult to draw conclusions even from the information provided. Peelings of citrus fruits contain many beneficial substances, they can be used to treat cold symptoms and to control pests of indoor and garden plants, and citrus peels can also be used as fertilizer.

We must not forget that there is nothing superfluous in nature, everything that grows with reasonable use will benefit a person.

We offer you to watch a video on how tangerine peels are used in gardening:

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