Favorable days for planting indoor flowers, florist's calendar

One of the important aspects to consider when establishing an apartment garden are favorable days for planting indoor flowers.

So, depending on the decade of the lunar month, there is an increase or decrease in certain properties of plant organisms, which is important to take into account in order for the landing to be as successful and efficient as possible.


  1. The influence of lunar phases and astrology on indoor flowers
  2. Favorable days for pruning indoor plants
  3. Lunar calendar for watering indoor plants
  4. Favorable days for planting indoor flowers

The influence of lunar phases and astrology on indoor flowers

Any of the phases of the moon has a certain effect on all plant organisms.

This influence differs depending on the phase.

On the growing, young moonYou can take the time to disembark or simply transplant into a new container. This is due to the fact that during this period, representatives of the indoor garden receive a new influx of energy when transplanting. This has a beneficial effect on growth processes, their activation.
On the waning moonA period begins, which is not suitable for any active actions in relation to flowers, since in this phase the energy flow stops at the root system. So, transplant procedures can harm the root, thus disrupting the processes of energy circulation and even lead to death.
Second and fourth phaseOptimal time for pruning and replanting plants. Flowers calmly endure all manipulations with minimal damage to themselves, if the procedures are carried out correctly.

In addition to the phase, it is recommended not to forget about another division of the monthly cycle, astrological.

So, the presence of an earth satellite in a particular sign is reflected in the state of green pets:

  • The water signs of the zodiac are known for fertility. Sowing made on the days when the Moon falls into the symbols of the water element or Taurus, Libra, Leo will be effective, and will lead to the activation of the first shoots and their active growth;
  • For symbols, the elements of air (Aquarius and Gemini) and earth (Capricorn and Virgo), insignificant indicators of fertility are characteristic. This is not the best time for planting, but with proper care, seedlings will not keep you waiting;
  • Dry signs of the elements of the earth (Aries and Sagittarius) are not favorable for planting seeds and seedlings. On dry signs, it is better not to take on any activities with a transplant, the flowers simply do not have enough energy reserves for subsequent life and they can dry out.

Before landing, it is important to take into account in which phase the Moon stopped and the astrological symbol in which it is. This can be determined by astrological calendars that are compiled and published annually.

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Favorable days for pruning indoor plants

Among other things, it is important to keep in mind the lunar calendar of indoor plants before you start pruning dry or excess branches.

It is important to consider that pruning:

  • Recommended during the waning moon, in its third - fourth phase. This is due to the fact that the direction of the flow of juices changes, there is a circulation from the upper branches to the stem and root;
  • Forbidden during the full moon and new. It is also not recommended to start it on the 23rd lunar day, during the period of the decrease of Aquarius, Pisces and the growth of Cancer.

If you follow this simple routine, pruning will bring maximum benefit. In the opposite case, the risk of both harming and destroying the pet is significantly increased by improper and untimely measures.

Lunar calendar for watering indoor plants

When growing any flowers, it is important to observe both all the transplanting rules and the rules of care, especially watering. So, many novice gardeners can harm their green pets precisely by improper watering.

To figure out when it is worth watering the soil, it is important not to lose sight of personal species characteristics, indicators of humidity, lighting and temperature in the apartment and outside the window.

After that, it is recommended to look at the calendar:

  • Abundant water treatments will be useful for plants in the so-called "water" period, or "leaf days", which fall on the signs of the water element;
  • It is strongly not recommended to engage in watering, washing and other moisturizing during the "air" period or "flower days", the time of Libra, Gemini and Aquarius. This can harm the offspring of flora and provoke an attack of parasites.

In addition, it is important to remember that the activation of watering should correspond not only to the lunar day, but also to the general needs of the green pet.

So, it is recommended to pay attention to the fact that abundant watering is important when:

  • Enhancing growth processes;
  • The presence of a working heating, when evaporation increases sharply;
  • The presence of narrow and fragile leaves in the culture that cannot contain a sufficient amount of moisture;
  • Small containers or ceramics as a material for a pot.

The lunar calendar provides all the information you need for proper supervision. If you follow the schedule, leaving will bring the maximum effect and will take a minimum of effort and cost.

Favorable days for planting indoor flowers

One of the most important procedures in caring for an apartment garden is rightfully considered to be disembarkation. For this first step to pass without problems, it is recommended to find a calendar for transplanting indoor plants for 2018. It contains the main numbers suitable for sowing and planting seedlings and seeds, transferring adults to new containers.

The maximum efficiency of the gardener is ensured by adherence to all the recommendations of the specialists that make up the sowing calendar.

So, in 2018, it is worth considering such a division of months with appropriate recommendations for care.

In JanuaryStarting from the 26th, the growing Moon falls into the symbols of Cancer and Taurus, which are suitable for sowing seeds and seedlings. In addition, it is recommended to change the substrate in the containers of adult species and prepare young seedlings.
In FebruaryThe growing season of most of the inhabitants of the window sills begins, after a long period of hibernation. It is worth paying special attention to the preparation of the substrate for annuals, to sort the seeds for subsequent planting.
In MarchFrom the 17th, you can start sowing annuals (snapdragons, petunias). Starting from the 21st, start transplanting into other containers. According to the calendar, this period falls on the "water" signs of the zodiac and possible damage to parts will take place with minimal damage.
In AprilFrom the beginning to the 15th of the month, the moon will wane, which is the best time to fight harmful parasites and diseases. In addition, it is worth removing parts of the stems to slow down the growth of the flower, resume the transplantation procedures, if this was not done earlier, it is worth after the 17th.
In the first half of MayIt is recommended not to forget about the obligatory feeding. You can start planting bulbs with the subsequent transfer of containers with them to open spaces of loggias or balconies. After the 16th, you can start planting annual seedlings.
In JuneIt is worth paying close attention to the cutting and pruning of indoor shrub branches. It is worth starting trimming the upper branches and harvesting cuttings for their subsequent planting from the 25th. At the same time, it is recommended to plant gourds and tricolor violets in open soil.
In JulyMost of the month will pass under the rule of "water" days: from the 3rd to the 4th, from the 12th to the 13th and from the 20th to the 22nd. This is the optimal time to activate moistening, cleaning and washing the leaves from dust accumulated on their surface.
In AugustThe lunar month begins on the 18th, which falls on the sign of Aquarius. It is important to remember that this is not the best time to actively work with the apartment garden. Inadequate pruning of branches and stems can negatively affect the formation of flowers, which is worth considering. It is better to take this time by carefully removing dry parts and fluffing the soil so as not to cause harm.
In SeptemberThe beginning of the lunar month falls on the 10th day. The moon comes under the auspices of Virgo, which has a beneficial effect on reproduction. September is the best time for planting seedlings. You can put in the water the leaf stalks of violets, begonias or other plants that are planted with leaves, they will definitely take root. At the end of the month, it is worth paying special attention to the transplant, it will happen as painlessly as possible.
In OctoberFirst of all, special attention should be paid to watering. At this time, many representatives of the apartment garden are preparing for a vacation in the cold season and excess watering can lead to negative consequences, therefore, in the first part of October, water procedures are recommended to be minimized. Starting from the 9th of the green, the inhabitants of the apartment greenhouse should generally be left alone. Towards the end of the month, it is recommended to start preparing for the last transplant of the year for the winter.
In NovemberFor drought-resistant plants, watering should be minimized to water this and next month one time at a time, completely stopping watering for the period of January and February. In case heliophytes lack light, it is recommended to move them to windows that face south. It is important to remember that the growing moon falls on the 7th and from this moment the lunar month begins. For non-succulent plants, if the heating is turned on, it is important to ensure optimal watering.
DecemberUntil the 7th, it is recommended to plant bulbous annuals. In the second decade of December, it is worth remembering about orchids, for them this is the period of preparation for flowering. Alternatively, you can soak the seeds to increase the similarity percentage.

When planting indoor plants, the management of the lunar calendar information significantly increases the likelihood of acclimatization and growth activation as quickly as possible.

In addition, special attention should be paid to other procedures related to seating, moisturizing and pruning.

The lunar calendar is an important list of dates, with precise indications of the most effective measures for all decades of the month.

The processes of flower growth are influenced not only by a well-chosen container, timely watering and sufficient lighting, but also by the timeliness of these events. It is in order to reduce the probability of error to a minimum that the annual lunar calendar is drawn up.

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