How to store viburnum for the winter, with and without sugar, with honey, recipes for preparations

Viburnum ripens in late autumn, then goes on sale. We believe that many of the proposed recipes will be useful to those who buy or grow viburnum in the country.


  1. About the benefits of viburnum
  2. Proper cleaning
  3. How to keep viburnum fresh for the winter
  4. How to store viburnum for the winter without sugar, frozen
  5. Kalina with sugar
  6. We prepare viburnum juice
  7. How much viburnum with honey is stored
  8. Cooking viburnum vinegar
  9. How to process viburnum: preparing liqueur, making jam
  10. Drying recipe
  11. How to prepare and apply butter

About the benefits of viburnum

Its berries have unique healing properties. They will help get rid of colds and coughs, they are useful for people suffering from hypertension. This is an ideal product that is recommended for prophylactic purposes - it is able to saturate the body with vitamins, valuable minerals and amino acids.

Viburnum is used:
if it is necessary to restore the tone of the heart muscle

  • as a prophylactic against colds and atherosclerosis
  • for skin problems: treat acne and lichen
  • in the treatment of the digestive tract
  • as an adjuvant in the treatment of the nervous system
  • to strengthen immunity
  • as a remedy for edema in kidney disease
  • as a remedy against anemia
  • to fight insomnia

Knowledge of the recipes for harvesting viburnum will allow you to use the valuable berry not only seasonally, but throughout the year.

Correct harvesting of berries

The best time for cleaning is the end of autumn, it is advisable to choose a fine day. The effect of the low temperature that the berries are exposed to during freezing will remove the bitterness, give them a fresh aroma and sweet taste. So that the berries do not lose their juice, they are removed with brushes.

For transportation, the crop is laid in a thick layer. The peel on the fruits is quite strong, not prone to cracking.

How to keep viburnum fresh for the winter

The simplest method of storing viburnum is fresh, in brushes. They will need to be placed in a ventilated container and placed in the refrigerator.

But it will not be possible to save a large amount of the product in this way, so the viburnum brushes are hung in ventilated cold rooms, for example, on an unheated glazed balcony. For several months, the product will not lose its presentation and retain its useful properties.

Storage in a warm room, for example, in the kitchen, will slightly shorten the shelf life.

You will learn even more useful information on the topic by watching the video:

How to store viburnum for the winter without sugar, frozen

There is another option for storing viburnum - do not remove it in the fall, but leave it on the bush for the whole winter. She will tolerate any frosts normally, she will not lose taste. But it is possible that the delicious berries will be discovered and eaten by birds.

If the dimensions of the refrigerator allow, you can save the viburnum without sugar by placing it in the freezer, naturally, in a purified form. When preparing for this type of storage, it is recommended to separate the berries from the brushes along with the stalks.

Their presence will prevent the juice from flowing out. Dry fruits are poured into bags or containers. They will keep a crumbly state, this will allow you to calmly extract the right amount.

Before placing the viburnum in the freezer, do not wash it, do this immediately before use.

Frozen viburnum:

  • used when cooking compote or jelly
  • used to make medicinal tea or infusion

Storing viburnum with sugar

Preserving all the beneficial properties of the fruit will allow grinding them with sugar. Of course, this preparation option is not recommended if there are people with diabetes in the family.

The blank recipe is very simple:

  • pick berries, remove spoiled or damaged
  • washed in cold water and dried on a towel
  • then grind, with a meat grinder, blender, passing through a sieve
  • mixed with sugar, it is taken twice as much as the fruit
  • put in chilled sterilized jars, tightly closed

You can store it in a cold cellar or basement, in the refrigerator. You should not be especially upset if the juice in the jars separates from the berries, this will not affect the quality and usefulness of the product in any way. Vitamins, acids and minerals are perfectly preserved throughout the winter.

Helpful advice: in order to exclude the loss of juice, seeds from processed berries should not be removed.

The second option for harvesting fruits with sugar is that the product laid out in jars is sterilized, the jars filled with a sweet mixture are sterilized:

  • liter - 20 minutes
  • half liter - 10

Heated jars are closed and placed in a cold cellar.

This method allows you to use less sugar, 1 kg per 1 kg of berries.

You can also cover whole fruits with sugar. For 1 kg, you may need up to 800 g of sugar. The berries are washed and dried, poured into jars, alternating layers of viburnum with sugar. It should be on top, the layer should be thick. Banks are closed with tight lids, placed in a refrigerator.

How to properly store viburnum juice

To get viburnum juice, you need to sort out, rinse and dry the fruits. With the help of a juicer, squeeze the juice. Sugar is used as a preservative, mixing ratio is 1: 1.

The ready-made juice is poured into sterile bottles or jars, stored in the refrigerator.

How much viburnum with honey is stored

For the treatment of colds throughout the winter, you can prepare such a delicious medicine.

Let's prepare:

  • 500 g viburnum
  • 200 g of may or acacia honey
  • 300 g lemons
  • 150 g ginger root

Wash and dry Kalina, reject low-quality fruits. Then we grind through a sieve.

We clean and wash the ginger, dry it, chop finely. We wash the lemons, pour over boiling water, cut them and remove the seeds.

We put the prepared products in a blender, add grated berries and honey there. We bring all the components to a uniform consistency. If desired, the procedure can be done using a meat grinder.

We put the finished mixture into clean dry jars and close the lids. In a refrigerator, the product can be stored for several months.

You can also grind the berries and mix with honey in a 1: 1 ratio, store in sealed jars in the refrigerator.

Useful information on storing viburnum with honey, watch the video:

Cooking viburnum vinegar

The health benefits of this product can be compared to that of apple cider vinegar.

The cooking technology is as follows:

  • preparing a three-liter bottle
  • fall asleep 0.5 kg of fruit and 0.2 kg of sugar
  • add 2 liters of water
  • for the smell, put a couple of black currant sheets and a few cherry sheets
  • we put the bottle in a dark place, the temperature should be room temperature

The readiness of the product is determined by the degree of its transparency. It will take about 2 months to cook.

How to process viburnum: preparing liqueur, making jam

Lovers of spirits can prepare viburnum tincture.

For cooking, we stock:

  • 200 g of pure viburnum juice
  • 200 g sugar
  • 200 g water
  • 1 liter of vodka

All components are thoroughly mixed, kept in a jar at room temperature for 2 days. Next, we taste the drink, if the taste suits it, we cork it in bottles. We store it throughout the year at room temperature.

To cook the jam, prepare 1 kg of berries. Cook the syrup from 300 g of water and 1.4 kg of sugar. Fill the fruit with well-boiled syrup, let it brew for 12 hours. Next, we proceed to cooking, be sure to remove the foam that forms on the surface. We put it in hot sterilized jars and roll it up.

To prepare the marshmallow, cook until fully cooked 1 kg of ripe fruits in 200 g of water. Then grind the resulting mass through a sieve, boil down to a soft dough. After that, the marshmallow is laid out on wooden cutting boards and dried in the oven.

Dry berries

A dried product is also useful in winter; you can make an excellent vitamin tea from it. For drying, you can use an electric or gas oven or a special fruit dryer.

The optimum temperature in the oven is + 60 C. The oven door should not be tightly closed. Dry fruits are dried at room temperature in a tightly closed glass container.

How to prepare and apply butter

Do not rush to throw away the cake after juicing. Passing through a meat grinder - get a well-chopped mass. Place it in a glass jar, cover with sunflower oil. Recommended proportion: 1 scoop of ground cake requires 4 scoops of oil. The mixture is kept for 20 days in a dark place, then wrung out.

The quality of the resulting oil is not inferior to the famous sea buckthorn, it is used in the same way.

Note that viburnum is not useful for everyone. It is not recommended for people with blood diseases and those who have low blood pressure. Pregnant women should be wary of it.

But for everyone else, the benefits of eating berries in any form are undeniable. Knowing how to properly store viburnum, you can eat delicious fruits and preparations from them throughout the year.

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