Tomato Dream of the Lazy, features of the variety, planting, cultivation and care

There are many early maturing varieties. One of those that require attention is the Tomato Dream of the Lazy One, user reviews only confirm its dignity.


  • Tomato Dream Lazy, variety description
  • Features, benefits
  • Planting and care rules
  • Tomato Dream of the Lazy, reviews about the yield and photos from those who planted the tomato

Tomato Dream Lazy, variety description

There is nothing remarkable in the history of the creation of the variety, bred at the beginning of the century only in 2008 it earned the right to go on sale. Having received the official name Summer Dream, it was recorded in the state register.

An important feature of the tomato is the fact that it is not a hybrid, but a variety. It can be grown from self-harvested seeds. These are standard bushes with limited shrub growth height.

Harvesting can begin as early as the third month after sowing. Another feature is the coherence of seedlings - with proper care, they germinate and develop evenly, without delay.

For ten years, the Summer Dream managed to become famous among agronomists, having received well-deserved fame, both on an industrial scale and in small private farms.

Features, benefits

An early ripe variety stands out favorably among other tomatoes for a number of indicators.

The salient features include:

  • The average height does not exceed half a meter;
  • Sprouts that appear three months after sowing do not need to be pinched. The foliage of the shoots is elongated, of medium width, light green in color;
  • Fruits, when ripe, acquire a bright red color. The shape is rounded, slightly ribbed. Each tomato has at least four sections with seeds. The latter can be used for subsequent disembarkation. Seedlings from such seedlings will not lose the properties of the mother plant, as is the case with hybrids;
  • The average weight of one fruit is 120 g;
  • On average, up to four and a half kilograms of ripe fruits are harvested from one square meter of tomatoes;
  • High resistance to the main diseases from which tomatoes suffer. So this culture is immune to tobacco mosaic, powdery mildew, verticillium and fusarium.

In addition to its characteristic features, the variety also has a number of advantages that cannot be ignored.

So the main advantages are:

  • High resistance to the main diseases of tomatoes;
  • Uniform similarity of crops and simultaneous ripening of fruits;
  • The shrub does not need to be pinched, it does not fall, so there is no need to tie it to additional supports. The bushes themselves are small in size, the branches are compact and not sloping;
  • The fruits are juicy and tasty, they tolerate transportation well over long distances, while maintaining their presentation. The peel of ripe fruits does not crack, as is the case with many tomatoes;
  • Since the variety is not a hybrid, the harvested seeds can be sown.

And although, after the merits of culture, they usually mention the disadvantages, in this case there is practically nothing to say. The tomato meets the basic requirements for its culture, gives a good harvest and is resistant to diseases, which eliminates many possible disadvantages.

Planting and care rules

For those who decide to start growing the variety at home, it will not be superfluous to know that it is better to plant pre-grown seedlings in open soil. For this, it is recommended to sow seeds in special containers in mid-January.

Subsequent planting and care is no different from similar activities with other varieties of tomatoes. So in order to prevent the pulling out of seedlings due to lack of light, it is recommended to install a source of additional lighting over the containers - light lamps.

This will ensure fast growth and strong shoots without stem elongation and fragility.

Other landing features include:

  • When planting seeds, it is important not to sow too thickly, so that after that you do not need to pick the seedlings.
  • The first seedlings can be seen after seven days;
  • When caring for seedlings, it is important to maintain a constant indoor temperature around 15? C;
  • It is important not to forget about the need for fertilization. Before planting, you need to feed the seedlings twice with complex fertilizers;
  • Watering as needed, avoid waterlogging, which can lead to rotting of young shoots;
  • In mid-April, transplant the seedlings to the greenhouse. After that, care is reduced to systematic watering, loosening the soil with the removal of weeds and several additional fertilizing.

Harvesting times may vary depending on when the seedlings were planted. So the fruits usually ripen from the beginning of June to the end of September.

Let's watch a video on how to grow high-quality tomato seedlings:

Tomato Dream of the Lazy, reviews about the yield and photos from those who planted the tomato

For ten years, they managed to evaluate the variety and there are many reviews from gardeners on the Internet.

Mostly the reviews are positive, the tomatoes made a good impression.

I first purchased the seedlings of Summer Dreams back in 2012. Drew early ripening and disease resistance. When grown, it turned out to be undemanding, easy to grow with minimal effort. At the same time, the fruits are quite juicy and tasty, we are happy to consume the family. Artem.

For a long time I was looking for a variety that would be equally suitable for salads and for preservation, and now I found it. Not hard, juicy, but at the same time does not become too soft when seaming. I grow it in a greenhouse and am very happy with the result! Maria.

Previously, tomato seedlings often suffered from diseases, nothing helped. Already desperate, I fell for advertising the variety and did not regret it. The seedlings quickly grew, no sluggish stems, the harvest was harvested and the seeds were harvested. I will plant more. Peter.

A large number of positive reviews are due to the high level of quality of the variety, which is noted by many users.

Summer Dream is a variety that can rightfully be called one of the best. The shrub is persistent and unpretentious, and the fruits are juicy and elastic.

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