Alsou tomatoes, photos and characteristics of the variety, cultivation and care, reviews from those who grew

Hybrid and new varieties of tomatoes have long been included in the everyday life of gardeners.

One of the most notable new varieties is Alsou tomatoes, which combine large-fruited and early maturity.


  • Tomato Alsou, description of the plant, photo
  • Alsou tomatoes, characteristics and features of the variety
  • Productivity, description of fruits
  • Tips for the care and shaping of the stems
  • Reviews of the Alsou tomato variety from those who grew

Tomato Alsou, description of the plant, photo

Tomato Alsou is the result of joint work of Novosibirsk breeders, which was carried out in 2007.

A year after its creation, the tomato was entered in the State Register of Breeding Achievements and allowed for planting in all regions of the country.

The characteristic features of this plant include:

  • Large numbers of stepchildren that grow from the axils of the lower leaves and need to be systematically removed. This helps to minimize waste of plant energy;
  • The rate of formation and development of inflorescences, and this applies to both inflorescences on the main and lateral shoots;
  • The height of growth in open soil conditions is limited to 80 cm, with a greenhouse cover with a film it can rise to 120 cm
  • Tomato foliage is slightly corrugated, rich green with edging;
  • Shoots are not thick and weak enough, prone to lodging and need additional garter;
  • Early maturity - on average, from the first shoots to full maturity, it can take from 105 to 110 days;
  • They retain the ability to form an ovary even in unfavorable weather conditions, which is especially important for areas with a changeable climate and constant temperature fluctuations;
  • Flowers bloom on the fiftieth day after germination. The buds are spike-shaped and are collected in a brush;
  • It is a representative of the determinant type with a limited growth height due to the formation of a fruit ovary at the end of the main shoot.

Thanks to the painstaking work of breeders, Alsou is distinguished by its persistence and early maturity. It grows well both in open ground and under greenhouse cover.

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Alsou tomatoes, characteristics and features of the variety

Tomatoes of this variety have shown themselves well when grown in film shelters and open soil. Due to their durability, they do not lose the ability to form an ovary even with temperature fluctuations.

A characteristic feature of the variety is inhibition of growth after the formation of six clusters. However, even in this case, it is important not to forget to periodically cut off the sprouts that have sprouted from the sinuses.

Inflorescences are simple and are located every one or two leaves on the stem of the plant.

Another feature of Alsou is its resistance to the influence of various kinds of pests and diseases.

However, only correct and timely care provides such durability.

Tomatoes of this variety are distinguished by a high yield, which cannot but be attractive for gardeners. At the same time, the variety needs standard care, but the result of the time spent on this will not make you regret it.

Let's watch a video about Alsou tomatoes, learn about all their features:

Productivity, description of fruits

Alsou tomatoes are distinguished by early maturity and large-fruited. The characteristic varietal characteristics of fruits include:

  • The pulp is brightly and evenly colored, it differs in fleshiness. In terms of taste, the fruit can occupy quite high positions due to its sugary pulp;
  • Density - medium, the stalk has a dark green spot, the rest of the ripe fruit is juicy, bright red;
  • The average mass of multi-chamber fruits with a large number of small seeds is 300-500 g. However, with good care, it is possible to form fruits, the mass of which will exceed 800 g;
  • Shape - flat-rounded pepper-shaped with weakly pronounced ribbing;
  • The skin of the fruit is glossy, due to which it perfectly beats off the sun's rays, which minimizes the risk of sunburn when grown in open soil conditions;
  • It takes from 29 to 40 days to ripen from the moment the ovary is formed, and already in the first month of fruiting, almost 80% of the total fruit harvest can be removed from tomatoes, which will be distinguished by first-class taste;
  • The average storage time for tomatoes harvested at the stage of milk maturity is one month;
  • Tomatoes that will be removed last from the bush may be inferior to the first in size, but it will still exceed the statistical average.

The average yield of the variety per square meter ranges from 7 to 9 kg of high quality tomatoes.

However, even this amount can be increased with proper care and application of a number of fertilizers in such quantities:

  • 115 g of ammonium nitrate;
  • 90 g of potassium sulfate;
  • 90 g double superphosphate.

Subject to agricultural techniques, the yield can be doubled, and since this plant can withstand weather fluctuations, even a decrease in temperature with proper care will not negatively affect the yield. Since Alsou belongs to the early ripening ones, in the first month he can give away most of the harvest.

Tips for the care and shaping of the stems

Proper care is the key to a plentiful and high-quality harvest. Subject to a number of simple rules, Alsou will delight gardeners with juicy and fleshy fruits in large quantities.

To achieve the effect, it is recommended to perform the procedures, we will indicate them in the table.

Care termsExecution rules
Timely watering

Best of all in the early morning or late afternoon.

At lunchtime in summer, the temperature can rise significantly, and with it the rate of evaporation of moisture also increases.

Thus, a bush growing in open soil conditions risks getting burned, which will negatively affect both its condition and the future harvest.

Garter bushes

Alsou has a weak trunk prone to lodging.

In order to prevent the trunk from breaking or the fruit to come into contact with the ground, as the bush grows, it is important to tie it up, strengthening the position


As important as the garter.

Since the cultivar produces a large number of additional stems in the axils, these need to be pruned periodically.

This will save the bush from unnecessary waste of energy, which should go into fruits, and not extra greens.

Regular loosening of the soil

It will help get rid of the crust that appears after watering and improve the saturation of the soil with air.

In addition, loosening destroys weeds that do not belong next to crops.

Systematic feedingMineral and organic fertilizers have a beneficial effect on the health of the plant and, as a result, the amount of the crop.

Compliance with a number of these simple rules is mandatory for many garden crops, if the owner wants to get a bountiful and high-quality harvest.

It will not take so much time, and the result will certainly delight the most discerning gardener.

Reviews of the Alsou tomato variety from those who grew

Most of the reviews of gardeners who grew tomatoes of this variety on their site are positive. So many people note the earlier and almost simultaneous ripening of tomatoes, which can be removed from the bush at the end of June.

The durability of the variety in conditions of constant temperature fluctuations is also not ignored. This is especially important for residents of the northern regions, where tomatoes are grown in open soil or under a temporary film greenhouse.

Some note that if agricultural technology is not followed, the fruits may turn out to be a little watery, but this has little effect on the taste, so this can hardly be attributed to criticism.

Among the positive reviews, there are a number of negative remarks. So gardeners complain about the poor tolerance of transportation due to the delicate skin. Some housewives note the impossibility of rolling the whole tomatoes due to their large size.

However, most of the reviews are still positive. This tomato looks great in salads, where the thin skin and large size is only a plus for it.

Tomato Alsou is a selection variety that is undeservedly little known to many gardeners. This is a persistent variety with wonderful taste, characterized by early maturity and large-fruited, which will delight any gardener with a bountiful harvest in record time.

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