When to plant cucumbers in the ground?

When to plant cucumbers in the ground? This question arises every spring for all gardeners and summer residents. This is the middle or end of May.

The best temperature for cucumbers is between 18 and 26 degrees. In this case, the soil will warm up better, which will have a positive effect on the growth of cucumbers.

For cucumbers, fertile soil is needed, which in the fall needs to be plowed up and manure applied, and in the spring it needs to be dug up and loosened again. 2 months before planting, the seeds need to be warmed up at a temperature of more than 20 degrees.

Immediately before planting, the seeds are soaked for 12 hours.

For seeds, pits 30 by 30 centimeters are prepared, half of the pit is filled with humus. Seeds are planted in 2 or 3 seeds in one hole to a depth of 2 centimeters. The distance between the pits should be 15 centimeters and the distance between the rows should be 50 centimeters. It is advisable to protect the bed with a film from morning frost. The emerging seedlings must be thinned out, leaving only one seedling.

Cucumbers can also be planted with seedlings. It is preferable to plant seeds for seedlings in peat pots, since the root system of cucumbers is very weak and can be damaged during transplantation. When to plant cucumbers in the ground with seedlings? A month after planting the seeds, young plants can be planted in open ground. If you follow the basic rules, you will definitely get an excellent harvest of cucumbers.

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