Morning glory on the balcony grows beautifully

Morning glory is an exquisite plant, its flowers are surprisingly delicate and beautiful. Given the fact that the plant loves to trail, clinging to the walls of the gazebo or just to the fence, the morning glory is planted in places where it will be easy for it to find support for growth.

I really like morning glory, a beautiful flower, besides, it does not require any special conditions for growing. The plant prefers semi-shade.

Once I tried to grow morning glory in an apartment. I took ordinary seeds, the same as I sow on the street. I bought the soil in the store, made good drainage. She sowed seeds one at a time in a pot, small plants were in the apartment for some time. I doubted for a long time whether the morning glory would grow on the balcony, then I took a chance, took it out, when it was already quite warm outside.

The balcony in our apartment is located very well for growing flowers - on the east side, the sun shines on it only in the morning, until 11 o'clock. To create support for the plant, I used a net that the plant wrapped very nicely as it grew.

For more active growth, watering the plant every ten days was carried out with the addition of nitrate (at the rate of 1 teaspoon per 3 liters of water). When I noticed that the buds appeared, I switched to fertilizing with NPK complex fertilizer.

My morning glory on the balcony bloomed amazingly beautifully, flowering continued until frost. It is a pity that the plant is annual, although I met in the comments on the forums that in the apartment the morning glory continues to grow as if nothing had happened in winter.
My experience of growing morning glory in an apartment in the winter ended in failure - most likely the plant lacked lighting.

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