How to plant strawberries in the garden

Perhaps there is no person who did not like the fragrant and sweet berry. The latter bears fruit before frost, although its berries are smaller than those of the usual, but how sweet! Both types of strawberries need good and fertile soil, and you also need to choose an area that is well lit by the sun.


  1. Choosing a place for strawberry seedlings
  2. Planting progress of strawberry seedlings
  3. Growing strawberries
  4. Secrets of planting and growing strawberries

Strawberry planting must be carried out according to strict rules, and seedlings of sweet berries must be chosen with great care. Only when these two conditions are met can you be sure that the harvest will be good. Ask neighbors for good varieties. You can also choose decent seedlings at the point of sale. As for the market, you shouldn't rely on "maybe".

Choosing a place for strawberry seedlings

Before landing, you need to choose the right place. It should be sunny, not waterlogged and well fertilized. It would be nice in this case to observe the crop rotation and plant a mustache where representatives of the cruciferous family grew, such as radishes, beans, garlic, radishes, parsley or peas.

The best time to plant is April or August with the beginning of September. However, experienced agronomists believe that the last month of summer is preferable. In this case, the seedlings take root well, hibernate, and in the spring they actively start growing.

Planting strawberries in the same place is not recommended. It is recommended to observe at least 5 years so that the soil gets rid of viruses, diseases and pests inherent in strawberries. And the soil itself cannot restore its strength in a short time, which means it can give a good harvest.

Planting progress of strawberry seedlings

Before planting, it is scattered over the entire area where there will be beds of mineral fertilizers, such as superphosphate. After that, ridges are prepared at a distance of 80-90 centimeters .. In one row, holes are dug 20-25 centimeters. This freedom of plants will allow the root system to develop at full strength. In this case, there will be absolutely no damage to the environment.

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Rotted manure and a spoonful of ash are placed at the bottom of each hole and carefully watered, only then a bush is placed, but so that only the root is in the ground. After planting, water the strawberries thoroughly.

Growing strawberries

Growing and caring for strawberries requires attention and special work. For example, before the cold weather, the plants are covered. You can use spruce branches or sawdust for this purpose. In the spring, the soil is weeded, and the soil is fed, either with organic matter - infusion of manure, or with mineral fertilizers based on nitrogen.

Throughout the summer cottage season from spring to autumn, you need to carry out regular work with weeds. In dry weather, plants require a large amount of moisture, so the yield depends on the regularity of watering. In June, the plant grows a mustache.

If you are not interested in breeding strawberries, then the mustache must be carefully removed. In the event that you still decide to plant your own offspring, then after the first outlet the mustache must be pinned.

Secrets of planting and growing strawberries

Many novice summer residents do not attach such importance as illumination and swampiness, and then they do not understand why there is no harvest. It turns out that low-lying groundwater can create increased moisture for the roots, and therefore they will rot and the plant will slowly die.

The decisive factor in the yield of berries is the amount of light. If it is not enough, then the berries become smaller, the number of ripened berries decreases.

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It is better to buy seedlings of berries in special stores where varieties that are regionalized for a given area are sold. In the markets, you can buy something completely different from what you thought, because you need to skillfully select a mustache for seedlings. Only the first bush from the base of the mustache is taken for seedlings. as a last resort, you can ask friends for good seedlings.

Some summer residents use the area between strawberry bushes for planting onions or garlic. These bulbs have phytoncides that drive away pests and diseases from strawberries. Someone is practicing planting next to strawberry grapes. However, when it becomes high and the root system is strong enough, then the strawberries need to be transplanted.

Observing these simple rules, you can get large yields of strawberries even from a small garden.

Over the years, gardeners begin to understand the complex issues of growing strawberries, and they themselves can give advice. In any case, planting strawberries should be taken as responsibly as possible, once again it does not interfere with flipping through special literature or asking knowledgeable amateur gardeners. You need to understand only strict adherence to agricultural practices can guarantee you a good harvest.

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