Harvest varieties of cucumbers and basic care for them

Everyone who plants cucumbers in their garden hopes for good harvests. You should also take into account the latitude in which you live, each variety of cucumbers gives the expected harvest from it, only in favorable conditions for it.

Cucumber is tasty and healthy, especially for those with liver and kidney problems, a vegetable rich in fiber, vitamins, organic acids and water saturated with mineral salts.

Some fruitful varieties of cucumbers:

1. Graceful. A variety that gives a high yield, is distinguished by a short growing time, tasty fruits and resistance to temperature changes.

2. Hybrid "Zozulya". An early cucumber variety that is hardy, tasty and great for pickling.

3. Voronezh. A high-yielding, mid-late variety of cucumbers that is suitable for canning and pickling.

4. Shrub. An early ripening delicious variety of cucumbers, also suitable for preservation.

5. Pinocchio. An early ripe hybrid with a high yield, resistant to bacteriosis and powdery mildew. Good for pickling and fresh consumption.

In order for the cucumbers to bear fruit, you need to buy high-quality seeds or correctly harvest them yourself, remember that you need to leave the "female" seeds of cucumbers in order to have a high yield.

For a fruitful harvest, cucumbers need to be looked after:

- loosen the soil (in the open field, start with the emergence of shoots and repeat every ten days);

- weed weeds;

- water regularly (preferably in the evening and with settled warm water);

- pinch the shoots;

- properly feed (organic (chicken droppings, manure) or mineral fertilizers).

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