How and when to start picking tomatoes?

Diving of tomato seedlings is carried out to cull weak and sick seedlings and leave strong and strong shoots. When a plant is just starting to sprout, it has a very small root system, which requires very little space, but as the plant grows, an increase in the planting site is necessary, which provides optimal growth conditions.

How and when to start picking tomatoes?

The picking of tomatoes should be carried out as soon as the first leaves appear, i.e. 10-15 days after germination. However, in each case it is necessary to look at it individually, since some seedlings require a transplant already on the 7-10th day. Tomatoes are transplanted into square pots 100-150 ml in size, in which they can comfortably grow for another 15 days. It is not recommended to transplant plants directly into large pots, as in this case a fungus may develop in the ground or the ground may "sour". With the development and growth of seedlings and an increase in the root system, such problems disappear.

Before picking for 1-2, two plants are best watered, since watering on the day of seedling makes the soil heavier, which can damage the tomato stem itself. Each dived tomato should have an earthen lump, which is carefully removed from the common pot with a toothpick so as not to damage its root system, and is separated from the common earthen lump. In this case, the green part of the plant should not be touched with your hands. It is best to use rag gloves or a teaspoon.

When transplanting tomatoes, it is necessary to deepen the roots of the plant to the very cotyledonous leaves, because in this case there will be more roots in the ground. But it is not recommended to deepen the roots too much, as this inhibits the growth of the plant. Deepening in the ground is done with a finger or other improvised tools, and then the tomato root is transferred there. The ground around the dived plant is compacted and watered with non-cold water.

In the first 2-3 days, the lighting of the tomatoes is reduced, and then the lighting should be maximum. If possible, tomatoes should be given access to direct sunlight, for 30-60 minutes a day, and then this time should be gradually increased. Watering the plant should be done as needed, because tomatoes like good, but rare watering. Tomato seedlings require dry, hot air, dry soil surface and moisture at depth. Top dressing of tomatoes is carried out with a fertilizer solution every 2 weeks.

Do not allow potted seedlings to bloom. This means that the first, most delicious and richest harvest is lost. For transplanting into the ground, the most ideal time is when buds are about to form on the tomato. After transplanting, the process will slow down somewhat, but then flowering and fruit formation will occur under conditions of normal, abundant and nutritious nutrition.

So, the answer to the question: How and when to start picking tomatoes? will help you grow a good tasty tomato. Good harvests to you.

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