Such different varieties of cucumbers in the photo

Everyone from childhood knows the riddle: "Without windows, without doors, the room is full of people" And everyone knows the answer to it from an early age - this is a cucumber. If you ask a child what a cucumber can be, then the baby will answer: "The cucumber is green, with pimples, it smells delicious, it has a lot of seeds. Cucumbers make a delicious salad, they can be salted and pickled, and you can also eat it just like that, with bread and solichki ". But the varieties of cucumbers in the photo are an abundance of shades of green, all kinds of sizes, shapes.

Breeders have bred many varieties of cucumbers, which have not only different purposes - canned food, intended for preparations, salad dressings, which are best eaten fresh, as well as universal ones that are suitable for pickling pickles and salads. Cucumber varieties differ from one another in appearance, which is noticeable even in photographs.

Some varieties of cucumbers do not have pimples, some are very smooth, such as an apple, while others, on the contrary, are not only tuberous, but also have peculiar thorns on each tubercle. Cucumber varieties also differ in shades of green - from bright emerald green to dark green.

Each variety of cucumbers, which is popular among both amateur gardeners and producers, has been bred by breeders taking into account all the features of the proposed growing area. When developing a new variety, its purpose, taste characteristics, and the desired optimal size are also taken into account.

I'm long and green
Either fresh or salty.
I grow in the garden
We are loved by all the people.
What a fine fellow I am!
I'm called a cucumber.

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