Agrotechnics of growing tomatoes

How sometimes you want to walk along a garden bed with lush tomato bushes, pick one strong ripe fruit and wipe it a little on the spot.

This is quite realistic for people who own a small piece of land. Or rather, a few of her secrets.

If you decide to grow tomato seedlings on your own, then know that it needs to be hardened before planting in the ground. This is very easy to do. About 15 days before moving the seedlings to their permanent residence, after waiting for good sunny weather, begin to take out the pots with plants to fresh air. This is necessary in order to protect the delicate leaves from sunburn, and at the same time to adapt the plant to the new temperature regime.

Tomatoes need abundant watering. However, there is a subtlety here - they need to be watered rarely. But to loosen the soil between the rows of tomatoes and huddle them as often as possible.

The agricultural technology of growing tomatoes, however, like most fruit and vegetable crops, is not complete without feeding. Fertilize the plant in the morning after abundant watering. As soon as you notice the first real leaf on the seedlings, count out 2 weeks and start fertilizing it. Repeat the same procedure before planting seedlings in open ground, but this must be done in advance. A mixture of potassium sulfate, superphosphate and ammonium nitrate can be used as fertilizers. But it's better to forget about fresh manure. Otherwise, instead of juicy fruits, you will get no less juicy and fleshy tops.

If you plan to plant tomatoes this year in the same place, then it is better to abandon this idea immediately and postpone 2 or 3 years. Tomatoes grow best after cucumbers.

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