Sowing tomatoes

Almost every novice gardener asks the question exactly when to start sowing tomatoes. The sowing date determines what kind of harvest you get and whether you get it at all.

Some begin sowing in the month of January, but in fact, this is not the best option, since the month does not differ in sunshine and in general it is a little early period, since seedlings of even the latest variety are grown on average for no more than 60 days. And even more so if you do not have the means to give artificial lighting and insulation, then this is even more a losing option.

Sowing tomato seedlings in February also does not differ with a certain efficiency, since the plant manages to grow significantly and become ill before you plant it in open ground.

This month, you can only sow early varieties of tomatoes, and then only under conditions of proper temperature and good lighting.

March is considered exactly the month in which, in fact, you should start sowing tomatoes. As a rule, the most optimal period is considered from March 15 to early April. Tomatoes, which were sown during this period, are distinguished by their stability, strength and maximum fertility.

It is recommended to grow tomato seedlings, in room conditions, no more than 60 days, but only during this period the plant, as a rule, reaches impressive sizes and it becomes not entirely comfortable to keep it on the windowsill, which is why the most optimal period is 45-50 days ...

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