Preplant potato processing

In our country, potatoes have long been called the second bread, they are both grown and eaten in large quantities. Naturally, when you grow something, you want to get a bigger and better harvest, this is usually helped by pre-planting potatoes to increase yields and resistance to diseases.

Each gardener has his own, proven method for years. For example, I take potatoes out of the cellar back in March and leave them to sprout in a lighted place. As a result, not only sprouts appear, but the tubers also turn green, which will prevent infection with fungal diseases. You can also spray the potatoes with a superphosphate or wood ash solution. Before planting, I dip the tubers in a solution prepared from 10 liters of water, 10 grams of copper sulfate, 20 grams of boric acid and one gram of potassium permanganate. After that, the tubers are dried and planted.

Pre-planting potato processing can be done with the help of special preparations. So, for example, "Prestige" was created specifically for processing tubers before planting, sold in ampoules and protects potatoes from its main enemy - the Colorado potato beetle. Many potato growers also use Fitosporin, which protects against fungal and bacterial diseases, including rot, late blight, fusarium. And, of course, you need to prepare the soil: dig up and apply the necessary fertilizers.

Watch the video: WaGrown International Exports S2E12: Lamb Weston - Potato Processing Plant (January 2022).