Cucumber trellis net and its benefits

The cucumber trellis net has a number of advantages. At the same time, it will be easier for you to carry out fertilizing with fertilizers, weeding the beds and treating plants with drugs.

The trellis can also be used for peas and beans. Accordingly, the yield of vegetables harvested from one square meter using a trellis net will be much larger than with a standard growing method.

Cucumbers and their cultivation

If you are interested in growing cucumbers in the open field, then you need to remember a few simple rules.

These include:

  • the best precursors for cucumbers are crops such as cabbage, potatoes and tomatoes
  • before planting cucumbers, be sure to add humus to the soil, which will improve the soil structure and create an optimal environment for the development of the root system
  • cucumbers do not like acidic soils
  • from a lack of light and water, the taste of cucumbers becomes bitter
  • growing cucumbers on a trellis involves the use of ridges, as they warm up well

As you can see, a trellis for cucumbers grown in the open field is a must. Although some summer residents consider it unnecessary. In any case, to draw conclusions, you need to try both options. Perhaps a person will make a pleasant discovery for himself, or, on the contrary, will remain unconvinced.

But, as practice shows, the tapestry technology of growing vegetables and fruits significantly increases the efficiency of the use of land resources.

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