Pepper tomato - beautiful and tasty

Almost everyone who even has a small garden plot is engaged in growing tomatoes. But tomatoes that you can grow yourself are not only designed for different growing conditions, but also have the most outlandish similarities in appearance to some other vegetables and even fruits. For example, tomato "Pepper" is very interesting.

This variety of tomatoes received this name precisely for its similarity to peppers. Pepper tomatoes in their appearance actually resemble peppers - red, yellow, orange fruits weigh an average of 50-80 grams. This variety is very tasty - fleshy, with a small amount of seeds, its pulp is moderately sweet, crumbly.

Many housewives also love this variety because it is excellent for both fresh consumption and canning. Also tomatoes "Pepper", due to their "meatiness", are excellent for stuffing - they do not fall apart after stewing, preserving the taste and aroma of tomatoes and filling.

Tomato "Pepper" is intended for growing in the open field. But it also bears fruit well in greenhouse conditions. This variety is grown in the same way as most tomatoes - first by seedlings, and then the grown plants are transferred to the ground. The bush of this tomato variety needs pinching and bush formation. Usually, 5-9 fruits grow in the bunch of "Pepper" varieties of tomatoes.

Try to grow a pepper-shaped tomato in your summer cottage, you will like both the appearance of the fruits and their excellent taste.

Good luck!

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