The most common potato planting schemes

A seemingly innumerable set of materials has been published on the Internet and on the pages of many printed publications, revealing all the subtleties of the correct planting and growing of potatoes. However, the debate about which potato planting schemes are the most optimal and expedient does not subside among avid gardeners to this day.

It is quite difficult to understand this issue, since the choice of a potato planting scheme depends on a number of factors, starting with the size of the plot, ending with the characteristics of the soil and the variety of potatoes. However, there are some general guidelines that should be followed one way or another.

So, most often potatoes are planted according to the 80 by 40 scheme (that is, the distance between the rows should be eighty, and between the bushes - forty centimeters). Thanks to this arrangement of potato bushes, the process of hilling is greatly simplified, the stems of the plant do not interfere with each other's growth and, among other things, are well ventilated, which significantly reduces the risk of late blight. Another rather popular method of planting potatoes is the 60 by 60 scheme. It is used mainly for small areas in order to save space and only for not too large varieties of potatoes. However, such economy is not always justified, since with such a planting, potato bushes are placed quite closely, which greatly complicates their care, and also increases the number of green tubers unsuitable for use in food.

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