Planting scheme for tomatoes at their summer cottage

Growing tomatoes takes a long time, as they are very carefully cared for. Tomatoes are usually elongated and elongated. For proper cultivation, the tomato planting scheme is important, as this allows the plants to grow without hindering each other.

It is worth following a few rules that will help you get a good harvest. Firstly, it is important to plant tomatoes in the lightest part of the summer cottage, since tomatoes can bear fruit well only when there is enough sunlight. At the same time, they must be planted at a large distance between each other in order to prevent shading of neighboring plants. It should also be remembered that waterlogging of the soil should not be allowed. She must be specially prepared for growing tomatoes.

The best predecessors are cucumbers, potatoes, carrots, pumpkin, onions, zucchini, cabbage. The scheme for planting tomatoes must be calculated in advance. The most favorable is the distance between the rows of at least 50 cm, and the distance between the holes is at least 40 cm. The passage between the two rows should be 80-90 cm. This will allow the plants to grow without interfering with each other. It will also make watering easier. You can calculate the planting pattern on the basis that one tomato should occupy at least 0.3 meters per square meter. By applying basic rules, you can achieve great success in growing a tomato.

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