Early planting of seedlings of cucumbers in the ground

No one argues that seedlings are grown in order to get the long-awaited harvest of fresh vegetables as soon as possible. Therefore, early planting of cucumber seedlings in the ground is so attractive.

Seedling hardening
But by creating optimal conditions for germination at home, we spoil the plants and planting cucumber seedlings in the ground can significantly damage them. To avoid unpleasant consequences, it is advisable to harden the seedlings. Plants must be gradually accustomed to outdoor conditions: wind, ultraviolet radiation, sharp daily temperature fluctuations. To do this, it is enough to put a pallet with seedlings on the balcony for several hours. For thermophilic crops, this procedure is carried out when the temperature in the shade rises to 10 ° C. If the daytime temperature exceeds 15 ° C, and the nighttime temperature does not drop below 3 ° C, the seedlings from the balcony can be left unchecked. This will help the plants get used to the sudden spring temperature fluctuations.

Seedling shelter
But even hardened plants, with early planting of cucumber seedlings in the ground, require additional shelter. So a single-layer film cover helps to quickly warm up the soil, but it may not save you from spring frosts. To protect young plants from frost, you can use a two-layer coating. Then the layer of air remaining between the layers of the film becomes additional thermal insulation.

Paper caps can also be used as cover. They save plants from low temperatures, and promote the rapid development of the plant. Seedlings are covered with paper caps immediately after watering. The upper part of the cap is cut off, allowing air and light to enter, and the edges are sprinkled with earth, securing the structure. Such a shelter is kept in the garden until it interferes with the growth of the plant.

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