When to plant eggplants outdoors

What could be tastier than cooked vegetables from your own garden? And what could be more interesting to grow them yourself? Eggplants occupy a special place among the inhabitants of vegetable gardens, because these vegetables are excellently savored as a side dish, main course and are part of many recipes, and they are also very useful for our body because its pulp contains a lot of potassium, which is so necessary for normal work hearts, also eggplants can reduce blood cholesterol levels and normalize water metabolism in the body.

But the cultivation of eggplants in personal plots is possible only in warm regions of the country, in other latitudes, greenhouses or at least beds under the film are best suited for it. Many hobby gardeners are wondering when to plant eggplant? The answer follows from the fact that eggplants love heat, which means they need to be planted closer to summer. You can go to the greenhouse early, but not earlier than May 25-30, and under the film - June 5-10. If the heat is in no hurry to warm young plants, then it is better to wait and plant the eggplants even later in open soil.

As a rule, it is time to plant eggplants even when the stem height reaches 15-20 cm, and 6-7 leaves are well developed on the plant itself. Eggplant blooms after transplanting into permanent soil.

Despite the fact that many lovers of fresh homemade vegetables do not attach much importance to when planting eggplants in open ground, their harvest is very often pleasing with its delicious fruits. True, they often reach small sizes with insufficient heat and moisture, but they are still suitable for human consumption.

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