Best Potato Precursors for Rich Yields

Probably, every person, before starting a business, tries to study the issue so as not to fail. To solve the problem of crop rotation, you should know which plants should be planted after removing the previous ones.

The process of planting and growing potatoes is laborious, so any gardener wants to get healthy plants and a great harvest in accordance with the efforts expended. To achieve this, it is worth considering which predecessors of the potato have the most beneficial effect on it.

The best precursors for growing potatoes are legumes, cabbage, root crops, cucumbers, pumpkin seeds.

It is absolutely not worth planting potatoes in the beds where sunflowers, sorghum, tomatoes and other plants of the Solanaceae family grew before.

In the year preceding the planting of potatoes, it is highly recommended to sow oats on the garden prepared for it. This culture helps to cleanse the soil from fungal infections that can infect potato tubers, and disinfects the soil. Oats are not removed from the beds, when the first frosts hit, it will die off by itself. Then the dry grass is left on the surface of the earth. When digging a garden next spring, rotted oat leaves are embedded in the soil, it quickly decomposes.

The potato precursors listed above are likely to grow in your garden and will help you harvest your own delicious potatoes.

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