Gina's tomato is a great choice for outdoor use

For those gardeners who are actively interested in the latest achievements of breeding and try to keep up with the times, Gina's tomato is perfect. The Gina variety is one of the most successful large-fruited tomato varieties.

Main indicators: tomatoes of the Gina variety are determinant, medium-branchy, mid-season. The bushes grow to a height of 30-60 cm. This variety has dense, slightly ribbed, rounded, red fruits of excellent consistency and taste. Average yield - up to 10 kg / m². Weight 190-280 g.

Features of agricultural technology: Gina's tomato is suitable for growing both in the open field and under a temporary film cover. In southern latitudes, you can use a seedless growing method. Gina's tomato is resistant to verticillary wilt and to such widespread fusarium, which distinguishes it favorably from other large-fruited varieties.

Sowing time: you can plant tomatoes in open ground as soon as the spring frosts recede. Accordingly, depending on the climatic zone, the landing dates are also determined.

Recommended planting density: 3-4 plants per 1 m².

Ripening period: ripens 110-125 days after seed germination.

The excellent consistency of the fruit is determined by the high dry matter content. This indicator makes it possible to successfully use the Gina tomato variety in cooking, besides, it is perfectly kept fresh. Choosing a Gin variety for planting in your garden, you will not lack fresh tasty tomatoes.

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