Good to know the description of rose hips

Everyone knows that rose hips are good for health. It is useful to know the description of rose hips.

In Latin, rosehip is rosa. Refers to wild plants of the pink family. Many cultivated varieties of rose hips have been bred, the common name of which is roses. Most often it grows in the form of a shrub, less often it has a tree-like shape. The stems are decorated with thorns.

Leaves are odd-pinnate, falling and rarely ever green.

The flowers are solitary, pale pink in color, 5 - 6 cm in diameter. Sometimes there are flowers that show signs of doubleness. Blossoming in May - June.

The fruit is oval in shape, color from bright orange to dark red. Bright red color due to the high content of carotenes. Ripens in August - September. Many fruits are rich in vitamin C, as a result of which it was used in medicine.

Rosehip contains not vitamin C, but many others. These are B1, B, P, carotene, E. Also tannins, citric and malic acid, trace elements of manganese, iron, phosphorus and potassium salts.

Rosehip fruits have phytoncidal and bactericidal properties and contain antioxidants. They contain a lot of ascorbic acid, if for example, then 10 times more than in currant and, accordingly, 50 times more than lemon.

Various tinctures and decoctions are made from rosehips. And they are used for the treatment of colds, the prevention of vitamin deficiency, etc.

A description of rose hips can be found in any medical encyclopedia.

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