How to plant a salad at home?

Probably every gardener who grows any vegetables and berries not only on a personal plot, but also on his own balcony or even a windowsill, sooner or later wonders how to plant a salad in a room. So how to plant salad on your own balcony?

The most suitable varieties for growing in boxes are considered to be Maisky, Odessa, Kochanny, Moskovsky leaf, as well as watercress. Lettuce is a fairly cold-resistant plant, so it is planted early enough, as a rule, already on April 15-20, and this crop can be grown by conveyor belt until frost. Sowing the salad should be immediately in boxes, which should be wide enough and not too high (the optimal size is 60x60x12 centimeters). The lettuce has a not too strong and shallow root system and a large mass of leaves, therefore it is characterized by an increased demand for moisture, and in narrow boxes the soil dries out extremely quickly.

It is necessary to sow seeds in shallow grooves, not too densely. Immediately after planting, the soil must be watered abundantly with warm water and thoroughly sprayed daily, until the first shoots appear. In the future, all care for the salad comes down to its regular watering, this culture does not require fertilization and dressing.

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