Raspberry cultivation and care methods

Raspberries are noble berries that respond very well to proper care. Therefore, even inexperienced summer residents can afford such a pleasure.

A place for planting seedlings must be sunny and protected from the wind. Adopt to arrange bushes along the fence, since then thorny thickets will not interfere with the cultivation of other berries, vegetables or fruits. The soil should be nutritious, enriched with humus. Too much moisture in the soil can lead to problems, so it must be well drained. Each plant should be at a distance of 45 cm from each other, and between the rows it is better to make free space up to 2 meters.

As the cuttings grow, it is necessary to create a support in the form of a wire, since the new branches are rather weak. Raspberries are very fond of water, so watering should be regular. It is necessary to fertilize the soil every spring with the help of organic compounds. To properly breed raspberries, you need to know how and when to trim them. Weak and dry branches should be removed as they appear. In the fall, when the entire crop is harvested, those branches that bore fruit must also be cut off. There will be no harvest next year. Collect raspberries as they ripen. For one or two days, red raspberries should be on the branch, then they will become softer and sweeter.

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